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Emoo's Food Diary!


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Hey just joined the forum today, i was a SW member for just over a year and lost 2 stone in that time, buuuut because of my uni course sending me abroad, i've had to stop going to classes. After a few months of kind of trying to stick to the plan but not really, i gained those 2 stone, and since march i've decided to go for it properly and managed 10.5lbs so far, though im starting to get a bit lazy with it again, so im gonna try and post my food diary (starting from tomorrow!) for all to see, and make sure im still doing things right!!

Thanks!! x
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Hi Emoo, Welcome to the forum.
Well done in starting up your diary, that's the way to go. I'm sure you will get lots of support and encouragement from all these minis and will soon get those pounds shifted again.
All the best to you .... :)


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ok so todays food diary (EE):

Breakfast: cereal, milk & coffee (A&B)

Lunch: stirfry: turkey, mixed veg, teryaki sauce (3), oil (6)

Tea: plain pasta

Snacks: coffee, diet coke, apricot

i think its all ok, i know i havent had much fruit/veg today (havent had chance to get some!!)


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ok so today was much better, went to the market and bought loads of fruit and veg!!

Breakfast: cereal & milk (A&B)

Lunch: pasta, beef, onion, gravy sauce (3)

Tea: duck, carrot, broccili, cauliflower

Snacks: strawberries, cherries, apple, diet coke.


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ok today was ok:

Breakfast: strawberries & cherries

Lunch: jacket potato & veg

Tea: smash pizza with onion, mushroom, chicken & mozzarella (A)
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ok today was alright (need to buy fruit again tomorrow!!)

Breakfast: nectarine & cherries

Lunch: plain pasta

Tea: Jacket potato with cheese (A) & veg

Snacks: starbucks grande caramel macchiato (9)


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today went well, kept count of things!!

breakfast: coffee & milk (A), sausage roll (9.5)

lunch: boiled eggs & nectarine

tea: savoury rice (3), duck

snacks: diet coke, cherries.

total syns: 12.5


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Today was good...

Breakfast: coffee & powdered milk (1), boiled eggs

Lunch: liver, plain pasta

Tea: duck, mixed salad (lettuce, carrot) bread (B)

Snacks: grande skinny caramel macchiato (A+3.5), bitter lemon (8.5)

total syns: 12

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