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Emotional wreck on CD??


Hello everyone. I started CD on Thursday, so day 3 in - woohoo!! Surviving so far and I am just entering into ketosis. But this week I have been sooooooo emotional! It's not PMS or anything, I am not due on for a couple of weeks yet. Seriously, it's crazy, I got upset at work on Friday and looked like an idiot, and yesterday and then today, I was reading something my friend posted on facebook and blubb blubb! Just wondering if it's all part of the diet, or is it just me!!

My hubby even asked me this as I have been very ratty with him, although I think with him it's been deserved!!

Anyway, any thoughts?
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Hi Bunny

For the first couple of days I cried a lot...I found it really hard...but don't worry it gets better...good luck!


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Hi bunny :D

I think a lot of us have experienced that emotional rollercoaster in the first few days of any VLCD hun so please don't despair :)

Just hang in there, talk to your hubby about how you're feeling and reassure both of you that it will pass..xx :D


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when you take away your comfort blanket (food) your true emotions can come to the surface, but this is a great thing whilst on TFR as it helps you to face the reality of your eating habits and helps you to change them for good and use food in a positive eat to live way of life!

Diane xx


Thanks everyone, feel reassured - I thought maybe it was just me! I guess, the days I have been upset, I'd usually just go and get some chocolate to cheer me up and now I can't do that. I hope I learn to find my comfort elsewhere and this will be a good lesson learnt for the future, when I come off CD


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Hi Bunny,

The first week or so is very difficult especially if you are a chocolate comfort eater like myself.

Some things I find help and that is to write out your long term goals for the future.

Then do a list of short terms goals and as you achieve each one of these and tick them off it is time to reward yourself with a non food treat, not too expensive... like a new magazine, body moisturiser, lipstick etc...it is all about celebrating our achievements and this is very important as it builds self-esteem.

Do a mood board, it can be on the front door of your fridge or somewhere you can see it and cut out of magazines your favourite clothes, hairstyles, people who you admire, holiday destinations and things you want to do etc...

It is a very good visual aid that helps to keep the focus and if you have kids they can join in and your hubby and when they see something they think you would like they can add it to your mood board this way you can get others involved in helping you reach your goals.

When you have 50 posts you will have a bigger signature and you can put in your goals and more tickers etc. into your signature.

Be sure to have your before photos taken now and regular ones as you lose weight along with your body measurements...

I also like to write down things I noticed that have improved and for example this week I have noticed that my psoriases is almost gone:)

Hang in there, you can do this.

Love Mini xxx


Trying to stay positive..
for me, the first 2 weeks were horrific. I didn't cry or anything, I just felt extremely depressed, as I had nothing I could chew on. I felt better when I could start eating the Cambridge chocolate bars, although I still craved normal food. For the first month, I was afraid of going shopping, or going out with my friends, because I knew that it would be extremely hard for me. Now I'm in my third month, and I haven't cheated yet, which makes me feel really good, but I still have a lot of cravings... But I'm not as depressed as I used to be:)
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I was really teary for the 1st week i still get upset and irritable at times when i cant eat but it passes hun i usually take it out on the dog and we go for walks ha ha shes never been fitter xxxx BIG HUG
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Hi - I just started Friday and have been feeling a bit emotional too - got cross with the hubby several times and kids noise does get to me. Just trying to keep going at the thought that it gets easier after the first few days and the thought of reaching goal weight - eventually and how much happier that will make me feel. I was an emotional eater too so it will be really good to break that cycle and do something else when I feel upset rather than eat!!
Keep going!xx
I started this Friday too, and i wanted to rip my brother in laws head off just because he was talking of food, and i was starving, Friday also i cried cos i thought my sister was being cruel, but she is like that all the time, its her nature, normally it goes over my head, but Friday i hated her with a rengance, i think its scared me losing my comfort blanket, i know its for my own good, but it still is emotional!

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