End of Day 1

Hey all! Just finished my first day :) feeling great but bit weird too! Have been drinking so much water that I just feel so SO full! I couldn't face drinking my final shake :( it was vanilla again and it doesn't seem to agree with me :/ I've got 16 sachets of that flavour too! so instead I'm drinking an extra pint or two or water :)
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Are you allowed to take them back and swap them? Missing a pack is not going to be a good thing. Can you have them warm? Put some coffee in it? (not sure if LT its allowed)
I'm not sure whether I can take them back.
I could always ring the chemist and find out, problem is I didn't get a receipt! on any day I don't drink coffee because I don't like it so I have my doubts I'd like that :/ might give it a go tomorrow though, to not rule it out completely


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Surely as you are signed up to them, they will know you are a client of theres? Only thing is its a bank holiday tomorrow, but still phone them and ask.

Maybe ask on the main forum area, I bet someone will know
No because I'm following the GP programme so I weigh etc with my doctors; they give me the prescription and the chemist just dispense the LT - will do, thanks x


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The chemist should swap them for u Hun, mine do. Ring them in mornin n confirm.


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The chemist should be able to change them for you.

Go careful on the water 2 litres (approx. 4 pints) a day is what is recommended by Lipotrim.

Water must be consumed in small, but frequent servings throughout the day.