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End of first week doing WW


I want to be fitter again
Ok so this is the final day of my first week doing WW from SW. Has been a real eye opener for me knowing that I must have been consuming way over what I needed on free foodson SW. Getting used to smaller portions now.
My concern is that I have only had 2 of my weekly points. Is that quite normal or should I be trying to have more?
EEk weigh in tomorrow. Most i ever lost on SW was one pound at best but normal was half a pound. Will be interesting to see.
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Your weeklies are there if you need them - they are not a necessity.... so dont worry if you dont use them - I hardly ever use mine, maybe sometimes I use 10 at the weekend but thats it xx
It's not necessarily true that the fewer weeklies you eat, the more you lose; different people find different things and some people find the opposite to that. It all varies from person to person. However, as has been said, your weeklies are there if you want/need them and they do not NEED to be used, so don't worry about only having used some of them :) good luck tomorrow!!


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I wouldn't worry too much about your weeklies- you'll probably find you use more as you relax into the plan. I use the majority of mine each week (around 35/40) & have had steady losses every week so intend to keep using them until i plateau as i'm on 29 dailies so they're never going to drop. I love the weeklies- they stop me from feeling deprived at all but also cap my naughtiness a little.
Good luck with your weigh in!


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Good luck :)
I used around 9 of my weeklies for the first time this week and im worrying about that lol but i know im just being silly :) xx
With the weeklies, I think it is a case of finding the right balance for you maybe. Some people need to eat them all to lose weight, some people perhaps not as many. In theory you should be able to eat all of them regularly and still lose though.

I find that I eat every last one if I don't plan (as I am shaping up to this week). Last week I planned meticulously and consequently only used about half of them. I had a great weight loss, although that could be because I had been utterly rubbish the previous two weeks.


I want to be fitter again
Hi I lost one and half pounds this week having used 8 of my weekly PP but all my daily 29 points on 6 days. thank you for your support
WELL DONE!!!! You'll see, you'll keep on losing steadily and you'll get there. But most importantly, you'll learn about food education on the way and you'll STAY at goal and not put the weight back on :)

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