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Attack end of my first day on attack

Hey darling I no how you're feeling! This diet so can fit around your life which is what I wanted coz I wanted to change my lifestyle rather than do a diet which would lose the weight but still leave me in a quandry once I'd finished!
Attack is hard! I did 4 days and by day 4 despite not feeling hungry I was craving something other than protein, but stick with it it's worth it! I've lost 4lb so far not a massive loss but I feel so positive and so healthy it's just a start to a new beginning!
Post loads peeps in here are so lovely and most of all GOOD LUCK!
Week done for day one
Claire xxx


Will be a skinny mini!
eclaires123 said:
Ps is that your wedding photo?
Gorgeous!!!!!! Xxx
Yes that was my wedding day last Sept x


Will be a skinny mini!
Emms24 said:
Hello, pleased you are enjoying it so far. What have you had to eat today? x
Hi emms i had oat Bran for breakfast lunch i had two chicken breasts around 5pm i had crab sticks then for dinner i had some extra lean mince does that sound ok? Plus i went for a hours swim and had 2 litres of water x


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Hey, yeah sounds like you have done well. Most people don't eat enough protein but seems like your doing well. I've had 5 chicken breasts today lol. Not all at once I have to say

Well done on finishing your first day! X


Will be a skinny mini!
aww thanks katy it was the best day of my life, i aim to back back to that lovely weight again 7lb to that target, :) then on wards from there x


Gone a bit quiet
You've done well to catch your weight gain before it went too far. Wish I'd done that. Memo to self for future....


Will be a skinny mini!
Yeah i know id gained 10lb in the last six months but its time to curb it before it gets worse x


Will be a skinny mini!
I just got lazy with watching what i was eating and excersize but Im determind to get backer to that weight

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