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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by crazyfrog, 23 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. crazyfrog

    crazyfrog Member

    Hi Everyone

    Ive just started and its the end of my first day - also never been on a forum before so takes me forever to get round the sight - I nearly snatched a penguin of my daughters hand this evening but managed to refrain - so far so good apart from had a very small bite of chicken when I dished up the dinner - does this matter? The chicken soup was awful and not sure about the peanut bar but managed the shakes OK - am logging on for inspiration and to keep me motivated - nearly gave up after lunch time but persevered - thought id give it at least three days as that seems to be the consensus for when you feel good on this - will go to bed shortly to keep me away from the snack cupboard otherwise i wont have anything left for the kids pack-up.


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  3. new me 20009

    new me 20009 Silver Member


    yes it does get better first few days are the worse and after that it gets better you should give it a week to start to feel the benefit and then you will have your weigh in and feel great to see how much you have lost.

    keep going well done
  4. crazyfrog

    crazyfrog Member

    how do i weigh inn


    Do I weigh in online - never been on forums before so still trying to find my way around the site -


  5. new me 20009

    new me 20009 Silver Member

    its up to you if you post your weigh in online, i am as its nice to share your successes with everyone.
  6. crazyfrog

    crazyfrog Member

    i will do the same


    i think i will weigh in on sundays - i will get the weight ticker which looks fun. well done on 71b in your first week -

    crazy frog
  7. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    LOL, I like the nick, welcome to minimins and well done on your first day.
  8. crazyfrog

    crazyfrog Member


    Hi Jim


    Wow - have just looked at your progress - thats amazing - you may be able to give me advice as have just fallen of the waggon - a pitta bread with roast chicken and worst of all a penguin - managed to stay away from the kids Pizza - have you ever fallen of the waggon- can you get straight back on - have i ruined all my hard work (I know it's only two days but still thats a miracle for me) - is it normal to fall of or do most people stick to it all the time - am feeling very distraught - first thought was to finish the packet of penguins but thought i'd stop there - get some forum advice and think about what im doing before the damage is irreparable.


  9. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Hi, everyone has fallen off the wagon at one point or other, don't stress about it but learn from the experience. What lead you to cheat and how can you avoid it in future, that's what you need to work out here. Now you need to get straight back on the wagon and Learn learn learn!

  10. crazyfrog

    crazyfrog Member

    Hi All

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Jim I have learnt that I am hopeless when it comes to food and unless I can stick this out and try to retrain my eating habits that I will continously reach for a biscuit or a chocolate bar every time I have an up day, a down day, a good day, a bad day or any other kind of day come to think about it - But I am back on the wagon and still optimistic so fingers crossed.

    See you all soon
  11. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    That's it really CF, you have to train the mind and then the body.
  12. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome.

    Good luck

    Irene xx

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