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End of week 1 - Dreading the gym!


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So been doing this for a week now, a little disappointed at the lack of a loss but I know my body has always been a slow starter, so hopefully a big loss next week!

I have paid to work out with a personal trainer twice a week in an effort to help things along a wee bit.

Had my first session with him last week and actually couldn't move for 2 days afterwards. So back tomorrow for round two and dreading it!!! I know it is good for you but surely there must me an easier way???
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i use to have a personal trainer 2, he was great but gym isnt for me at all. If u are dreading it is it worth the effort? maybe go salsa dancing, walks, find something that u enjoy, even aerobics or something. I joined the gym more times and it was a torment more then a joy. I never got the gym bug where i started to get addicted to it lol but saying that u might. The last 2 times i did weight watchers i couldnt even get 2 pound down, maybe i wasnt strict enough?! i thought i was, i started W Watchers again today. So im walking also, so next tuesday we will c what happens xxx


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I hope it is going to be worth it. The problem is I have no motivation to do anything just now.

Used to dance and play basketball but feel very fat and frumpy just now so don't want to do anything.

Really need someone to yell at me and tell me to work, hence the personal trainer.

Also have paid for 20 sessions upfront in the hope that it will force me to go.

good luck with the walking and hope you make it through the week.
ah i know exactly how you feel, i just lost interest in everything, wouldnt go walking, wouldnt exercise at all didnt care even, but was so unhappy. I think something just clicks in your head and you do it. BUT bare in mind this is my first day lol lets see how i am this time next month. I think this time though i will do it. Sick of going out and nothing to wear :(


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Absolutely, you are so right,

I am so fed up of looking at all my clothes and not feeling good in anything! Just want to go out and have fun and not feel like the fat friend anymore!!!

You and me both in a month we will be well on the way to being skinny!!

I see you are trying to lose about the same amount of weight as me!
:D we will motivate each other then :D
im going to do the 16 week challenge, there is a post somewhere, u shud stick your name down also, the girls here are great to keep ppl motivated. I need that


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ooh yeah that sounds like a plan!!!

Any idea where i can find the post for the 16 week challenge???
u can do it, we both can. I joined this site in jan and i left, came back on the other day and couldnt believe that 2 or 3 i remember lost loads of weight, they joined around the same time as me in Jan. IF only i just had the willpower id have lost a good bit 2 by now :( so thats it, they have inspired me to do it this time


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Right then,

No excuses, we WILL be the biggest losers on the site and will stick to it till we get to goal!

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