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End of week 1, ready to quit :(

Hi everyone

I'm new to here, hello! I get married in approx. 4-months time and today marks the end of my first week on LL. My weigh in is tonight...

I started it because I was getting nowhere on other diets and I want to be a slimmer bride. My Dad has done LL and lost 4 stone in about 10weeks so I am amazing at that.

I just feel so [email protected] today. I am fed up of water, milkshakes and my life doesn't feel normal to me at the moment, I don't know why - its just how I feel.

My mouth takes gross all the time, literally within 30mins of brushing my teeth, squirting breath freshener spray or rinsing with mouthwash, its back to being gross gross gross. I am assured by my H2B I don't have bad breath but I still have such a terrible taste in my mouth.

I feel confused. I know if I stick to it it will work, having read some posts on here today you are all living proof it does work! But if I stop, I will just go back to my bad eating habits and not lose anything before the wedding. But I don't feel its worth it yet.

I went to a 'stop in' on Saturday morning and the girls in my group had lost between 6-10 lbs in just TWO DAYS. I lost 3. Now I do think that's great but why didn't I lose as much? I just don't believe the scales will show me proof tonight, I just don't.

I'm drinking more water than I expected to (between 4.5 and 5.5 litres per day) but I'm so irritated and want to 'feel normal' again.

I have a big fear as well. When I finish the 100 days foundation, I worry I will begin to lose my hair and it won't have recovered in time for the wedding. My foundation ends late August and we marry in mid-October. I do think my hair will fall as out a few months back I tried the Cambridge Diet but gave up when I came down with a terrible bout of flu. Its only now I've plucked up the courage to start with this again. Anyway, my hair fell out loads then and even now; 3 months later, its still really week and I've got really thin hair :(

I know only I can do it so I suppose am more venting on here because I'm frustrated with myself - I suspect you get fed up with people like me who just complain about not being able to do it!!!

Thanks for reading, BrideJoo xxx
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Dont worry Bridejoo, we have all been in your position. Dont worry about the other peoples weight loss it is yours that counts. They may have been eating more carbs than you before the start and therefore have more water to lose.

Just take it one day and a time and ina weeks time you will be feeling so much better. Each day tell yourself you are going to do it today and it will get easier I promise you.

When I did LL I lost 8lbs in 4 days. Today is my 3rd day of a restart and I have lost 3lbs. Lots less than last time but at least it is a loss.

Dont worry about hair loss either. You may think your hair is looking thinner but no one else will notice. I did not lose any hair until I was eating normally again but only my hairdresser noticed.

Just think of the slim bride walking down the aisle and how lovely that will feel.

Good luck, you know you can do it really.

Just post on here if it gets difficult because we all know how you feel and it helps to write it down.

Looking foward to hearing about your losses
Hi there

I know exactly how you feel. I am sick of the shakes, cant stand the soup and would kill for a healthy smoothie and I'm only on day 4.

I am miserable, snappy , fed up, tired and just want to be normal.

Hopefully these feelings will pass soon for both of us. See how you do at your weigh in before you make any decisions. Just try it another week and you'll start to see the benefits.

Keep your chin up, I'll try too :rolleyes:
Hello BrideJoo,
My LLC said something which kept me going though my first two weeks. ONE DAY AT A TIME (with no days off)! The foundation period can seem to stretch ahead of you for ever at the begining but before you know it you are in week 8 and past half way and loads lighter.
As for the hair problem. Just because it happened before doesn't mean it will happen again. My advice would be play it the same way. One day at a time. If you hair does start to drop out then make a decision then. Everyday that you are on this diet is a step nearer your goal. If you can't make it to 100 days then so be it but don't give up on day 7 just because you MIGHT not make it all the way through. Just concentrate on getting though today - tomorrow is another day.

I got married in December when I was at the heaviest weights I had ever been. I really wish I had been able to do LL before my wedding. Good luck what ever you decide.


just want to support what others have said but as you know with your Dad it's worth carrying on but it's not the easy option!

As for feeling like crap and that taste in your mouth. It does fade. So does your own confidence in the diet as you succeed. I rememeber at my pop in everybody else had lost more than me and I felt gutted, even though I had lost more in 4 days than had in months!!!!!

It really takes time for the counselling to kick in and plant the seeds. As for the hair loss, my hair is not great at the moment at week 13 but I still have plenty and I'm not bold. I wish I had just taken a supplement from day one to maintain the condition of my hair rather than waiting and seeing if I needed it.

I am sorry I do not know what they are called but your LLC will know and I understand it does not affect your weight loss.

Like you say if you give up now you will not look like the beautiful bride you imagined on the day.

If you continue you will feel so much more in control about loads of things for life, look great and have great hair :character00250:

Try to hang on in there, and in times of doubt come on here for support

Sam :vibes:


Silver Member
Hi Joo,

My hair fell out a fair bit when I came off foundation.
HOWEVER it's worth bearing in mind that you are not losing any extra hair, just what you would have lost anyway during the time you have been abstinent from food
Its just that your body does not shed the hair when you are not eating so it all comes out in one go.
And don't forget its easier to hide thinner hair than a fat ass on your wedding day! LOL!


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Hi there

I know exactly how you feel. I am sick of the shakes, cant stand the soup and would kill for a healthy smoothie and I'm only on day 4.

I am miserable, snappy , fed up, tired and just want to be normal.

Hopefully these feelings will pass soon for both of us. See how you do at your weigh in before you make any decisions. Just try it another week and you'll start to see the benefits.

Keep your chin up, I'll try too :rolleyes:
They will pass Crystal-promise!
Hello everyone, thought I would come back and report how my first weigh in went...

As I said earlier, I lost 3lbs on Saturday. Well tonight I lost 7LBS!!! So in total, in one whole week I have lost 10LBS!!!

Its amazing and I feel so so happy!

Isn't it funny how my feelings & mood have switched so quickly!!!

We tried the flavoured water things and bars today. I think these will really help me. I had a bar just now and do actually feel like I've eaten something.

So on to a new week, week 2. I feel so positive again!

Thanks to you all for being so kind to me :)

Julie xxx


fab news Julie!
That is really great to share your good news!
What an amazing dream to come true- walking down the aisle as a slim bride!
Good luck with the rest of your journey - packs become a way of life and you are very reluctant to give them up at the end - after 6 stone loss, I was so scared to go back to food but with LL fab management programme, I managed it!
Keep following your dream!


Silver Member
Well done on your loss Julie, that's a brilliant loss.

Please please stick with it, it is so worth it - I've had my last foundation class tonight and in 14 weeks I've lost 63lbs / 4.5 stone. All the bad days and moments are so worth it when you know you're guaranteed a great loss at the end of it.



Silver Member
I'm so please for you loss - you're quite right - having the bars and the drinks makes it easier to manage. Try experimenting with different leaf teas and coffees if you like them for variety - I love my cup of earl grey when I get home from work. I'm so glad you hunng on in there. I'm on day 150 today and my counsellor likes to remind me that I was uncertain that I would make it to week 4! When things get tough just bear in mind that the time will pass whether you stay on LL or not - you might as well make the next 3 months count towards making you a beautiful slim bride ;)


Living the Life
Well done Julie. Knew you could do it.

You will find it easier now with a greater variety.

Have you seen the recipe leaflet that is available here. If you cant find the thread PM me your email address and I will email it to you


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Well done on your fantastic weight loss Julie, it isn't the easiest diet to do, but the rapid weight loss will bolster you at the end of each week. keep strong and let us know how you are doing. Angela x

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