Ending of Day 3.....I'll be ok now!!


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Hey guys! Just thought I'd share with you that I am...after today... past the dredded "first 3 days" It's taken me a while to get back on the diet, but now I'm past the worst 3 days I know I will stick to the plan 100% I think I have lost about 5lbs so far! I have a weigh in tomorrow with my cdc so I'll let you know how it goes! I feel soooooo happy and proud of myself.....I will be a skinny bride! :p

Is it just me or does this diet make you feel really energetic and happy? I am the happiest today than I have been foe AGES!!!!!

Thankyou everyone for all you're support, it's such a help for me!!

Skinny brides.....here we come!!! well done you for getting to the end of day 3!:)

In effect i am there on day 3 too....having blipped at the weekend....but I really started back on CD 3 jan. and have lost 13lb. wi tomorrow.;)

I am absoloutly freezing today..I know that the snow makes you feel cold:rolleyes: but I am deffo in Ketosis....as I just cannot get warm today. I desperatly want to go and get my pj's and snuggly dressing gown on........but our big boy is going to a show at school and need to take him out at 6.30(vic on nights)......luckily my friend is bring him back later so will only need to venture out once!

Have you been having shakes or soups today?? I tried having a shake hot the other day and nearly threw up!! cold or nothing for me. I do like the soups but deffo not all the time.!

Just sitting here with black coffee and water! its so much harder to drink the water when you are already cold!

Anyway.......have a great evening and think of that lovely dress you have....you will fit in it and be stunning!!

Hugs Lou X
Hi Lou!

How are you?

I know what you mean about the weather! I have to take the boys to cubs at 7.....there dad is bringing them home so I can have a nice bath and get warm after I have taken them!! :p

I dont like the soups either, they seem to taste powdery....even if I wisk them ap for ages!!
I have been just have tetris drinks and Banana and choc mint drinks....my fave!!

Thanks soooo much for all your support, we will help each other to stick to the diet and be skinny, happy brides!!

I think support(and determination) is the key to this diet. Having others who understand exactly where you are at and what you are going through is just invaluable.

Have a lovely soak in the bath(dont do baths myself I get bored just lying there!!) and enjoy the peace!

Will be on later so might chat then.

Hugs Lou X
Well done princess, I am also on day 3 and weighed myself today and looks like i have lost 5lbs so far. I can not believe i have survived 3 days without food and feel so great. Looks like i may be in ketosis (thank goodness).
Good luck for tomorrow Princess, all you hard work will be worth it!

I think we must me in this ketosis thing that people keep talking about haha, cause i feel fantastic and have loads of energy, either that or it is all the vitamins that are giving us the energy (been that longs since i have felt this healthy). Whatever it is ....... i love it.