Enough is enough!!!!


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Ok...it's been 9 weeks since my Florida holiday and during that time i have piled on all the weight i managed to shift before i went away and helped a great deal by Christmas!

12 off and 11 on!!! :cry:

So, enough is enough!

I will be back on Thurdsay to weigh in and start.

Wish me luck everyone!

Winny xxxx
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Good luck! X


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Good luck - stay stong


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Lots of people are in the same boat so dont worry! I lost a stone in feb n now ive put it back on plus! >=(

Good Luck! xxx

Devon Dolce

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Good luck hun xx


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if you havent seen it already the recipe thread is really useful to, and people post pictures of their meals, always an inspiration! x


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Good luck. You can do it!


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Good Luck x


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Good luck xx


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You can do it winny. Hope all goes well xx :D


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Good luck Winny!!!! You can do it.

May I ask, when you went to Florida did you just eat what you wanted? Its just we are going on the 26th March. I have been following SW since the 4th Jan this year and lost 1stone 1.5lb I am determined to go back to classes straight after but was planning on not sticking to the plan when I am away and then getting straight back on the wagon when I get back.


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Good luck, winny!!