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Ephedrine on Cambridge diet

I don't know if anyone knows about ephedrine. But when mixed with caffeine in turns into a stimulant hence speeding up your metabolism. When I was on it before Cambridge diet I could lose anything from 2-6 lbs whilst eating quite a lot of calories.
Could you use it on this diet or would it be to extreme?
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I think that would be a sure fire way to a heart attack. Seriously, its good while you are eating a lot and doing a lot of exercise but I think it would be dangerous on a vlcd. They are banned for a reason...
Got to agree with Chika

You are on a diet that's pushing your body already - Ephedrine is a no-no IMHO as it's a step too far, and really dangerous

Sorry if thats not what you wanna hear honey but I'll always try to be honest (and supportive too!)

Surely can't be good for the body on a VLCD to have your heart rate running through the roof, the body gets used to it own efficient method of preservation during ketosis, which doesn't include having a 160bpm resting heart rate ;)
Imagine what will happen too (provided there's no heart attack) when you come off it and start introducing a meal!!!
is this ephe... thingy legal? curiosity and all, never heard of it...
Lol!!! Don't get any ideas missus!!!


Nearly there...
I'm pretty sure it's not legal actually ;)
A friend tried some a few years back and it scared her a bit, I'm gonna stick to the packs, its safer lol x
pahaha tara, how did you know?!

It sounds like using amphetamines to lose weight! or something similar...
My darling, I know coz it was my exact
First thought!!!!!!!! ;)
You guys do realise Ephedrine is a derivative of Epinephrine, the American term for Adrenaline? It's basically an adrenaline shot! That's not safe on ANY diet - it's not even safe if you're not dieting unless you're in cardiac arrest!

Has no one seen Pulp Fiction? :p

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
I am a nurse and we use ephidrine to raise BP when low in patients. We avoid it if the patient has a rapid heart rate and pick an alternative. It is not a good idea to use it as if your BP is normal or a little on the higher side which is not unusual when overweight. Also if you heart rate were elevated slightly the risk of using it is not worth it. It is not only a heart attack waiting to happen but a high risk of stroke also.

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