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Epic fail on the SW plan today!


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I've found it really easy to stick to the plan for the last 5 weeks and been able to say no to lots of things like cakes and takeaways etc..

However today I suffered an epic fail which I just didnt see coming, and to be honest didnt even think about until afterwards. I am a teacher and have been really ill the last few days with a sore throat, cold, aches, pains, exhaustion, flu like symptoms etc. Was off work yesterday as I couldnt move but I dragged myself in today as I knew that I had to help my 6th formers fill in their UCAS forms today and I'm one of only 6 teachers trained to help them so i thought it was important. Went in only to find that my school had transferred me to supervise the Year 8 summer fete which involved me trying desperately to corralle 220 students and hundreds of parents / members of the public around the fields that had various stalls set out. I felt like I was about to die and whilst delirious with fever I bought and ate two cupcakes without even thinking about it. Then, when it was lunchtime I was about to go up to my classroom to get my tupperware pot of cousous and salad I was told that I had to stay and keep and eye on the fete during lunch as they were short staffed and so I was forced to cobble together lunch out of what I could purchase from stalls which basically involved 1 more cupcake, an iced biscuit and a small bag of popcorn! EEK!

Just as I thought i was getting it under control, I found out that tragically one of my favourite Year 12 students took her own life yesterday and I ended up in floods of tears, blubbing into my handbag, and before I knew it i'd eaten my way through a massive mag of mini eggs as well!

I know that I am now back on track and I wont "cheat" again for a while, but am just angry at myself for letting go so much today and consuming these "empty" sins. It wasnt even worth it as I can't taste much as I'm so bunged up, and I didnt even enjoy it as I was rushing around so much and it was more for comfort than anything else. Just feeling a bit pants today and am miffed that I had so many sins and it wasnt even an enjoyable day! Normally if you have too many sins at least you enjoy yourself whilst you do it! x
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I think you can safely claim some massive extenuating circumstances hun. Don't worry about food when you are feeling ill & have got bad news. There are far more
Important things in life. Its easy to follow any diet when everything else is going well - but damned near impossible when the preverbial is hitting every fan around you.

If you feel better tomorrow, then get back on it. If not, eat what your body is craving as its what it needs.

Hope you feel better soon hun x
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You poor thing, this sounds like a horrible day.
So what if you ate a few more syns. After dealing with all that, I think you have done ok! :)


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Gosh what a horrible day you had (hugs). Sweetheart I think anyone would do as you did a) you are not well b) you have lost someone you cared about. Be kind to yourself. Eat what you fancy eating and get back to plan when you feel much better. Or stick to plan as much as possible with the odd goodie if it helps you cope

We are all here for you ((hugs)) xxx


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You've had an exceptionally bad day, it happens. I'm sorry its been so bad. Its excellent that you say you are back on track as it can be difficult to get your focus back.

What often happens is that when you get a day like, many people feel so bad about it that they then comfort eat, feel bad about doing that, so eat some more to get away from the bad feelings again and thus the cycle continues. So its important to forgive yourself, to take on board that setbacks happen along the way but its not the end of the world.

I hope you get over the flu type illness, don't know what to say about the student - that is just tragic. But I hope you can move on from the grief in a way that is right for you.


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Thanks for all your messages of support everyone. I had sw chicken fajitas with salad for dinner and treated myself to a big dollop of sour cream and chive dip on the side. Have managed to stop crying finally so that's a start! X


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I agree with everyone, you have had an awful day and although you have turned to 'comfort' food, you are aware of what you have done and as you can't change it you should draw a line under it and start afresh now :) Hugs to you, you and your fellow teachers/students must be in shock, so awful that the student felt that was the only option. :(
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I just want to agree with the previous posts and wish you well for when you do get back on plan. I think school were very mean to send you out to supervise the fete when you had only gone in to help the students with their form filling. I think I would have just gone home again if it was me. Take it easy for the next few days.


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Aww, I'm so sorry about what happened but as above that must have been rough for you - many people would probably eat more than that after all that! But listen, at least you can hold your head up high and admit that although it was a bad choice for your weight, circumstances prevailed and you are STILL on track because you realize that.

Don't let that worry you, we will all get there even with a few obstacles on the way! x

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