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ermmm sorry to ask this but....

Girl at work had it done-and ore then once. £35 a go- she said she felt energised and cleansed etc.
Don't fancy it myself!
Claire are you not scared?
hehe x


Back On CD.......
I've Had A Colonic Done!!

Hi All, :D

I had one done well over a year ago, I have always wanted one doing, I was quite nervous but excited, so I will make it as brief as I possibly can, It was around £60 I went to a place in Newcastle.

My hydrotherapist was fab & totally put me at ease.

Firstly you have a consultation bout what your diet is like, what your poo looks like, How often you go for a poo, etc etc..

Then you take off your skirt/trousers & knickers & lay sidewards on the bed, she then puts lube on her finger & inserts her finger up your bum to see whats going on up there, she then put the pipe up, which hurt a little when she inserted it, she told me I had a tight sphincter, which is good to know. lol..

Then she explains all the time what she is doing.

She fills your colon with warm water, keeps it pumping through for approx 30 sec, (sometimes feels like minutes) then releases the water, thats when all your poo gets released, I found it quite uncomfortable at times, especially when you are filled with water, all I can describe it as is a really painful period pain in your tummy, but as soon as the water is released its such a relief, it's bliss..

I was having trouble releasing alot of my poo & she said I was bunged up, so she laid me on my back & massaged my belly a little, my god, I kept farting, lol. You can see the bubbles of fart going thru the tank, its fab. There was alot of little like rabbit dropping type poo coming from me & she said they could of been there for weeks, months or even yrs in some cases as the poo gets stuck in your colon walls, I think it lasted nearly an hour, but was only supposed to be about 45mins, she said she wanted to treat me all day as I was so 'blocked up'. Awww.. :eek:

I did release quite a bit though, anyway after the treatment she took out the pipe, my god I couldnt get to the toilet quick enough, It was like an explosion in the loo, I felt as if I didnt dare come off it, good job she said 'take your time', lol. I came off it then felt a gurgle in my belly and had to jump back on it, lol..

Anyway I didnt lose no weight as some people can lose loads from having one done, But I did feel better for it, & I would defo have another one done in the future as I build up quite a nice friendship with her..

My OH said " You should of give me £60 & I'll shot a pipe up ya arse", typical bloke, lol.. :rolleyes:

Anyway Hope this helps Girlies..

Hiya, when I finished SSing I was completely blocked up and went for 4 sessions which cost £200. I think it helped de-bung me and my tummy was deffo flatter. However, I didn't like the process at all and like Kel found it like having really bad period cramps. I think it helped a bit but I wouldn't want to do it again.

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