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Eurgh and bleurgh

I am here people - sorry I've been off radar for a few days. I've been with the family down south for a long weekend.

Oh - and I've gained a lb. Yeah yeah it's TOTM but I'm still pissed off! *Rant rave grrr argh!*

I'm determined to have another great week - but my head is playing havoc with me again - lots of little food demons on my shoulders. Surely it should be easier now - not harder??!!!

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Aww poor you Slinky! That umbilical cord between brain/emotions and stomach is a little bugger to break isn't it?

Just try to stay positive and focussed hunny. I don't think it actually gets any harder it is just those lil demons become more persistant :( Tell them were to go and just think next week will be catch up double fat busting week :D

I hope you had a lovely weekend and loads and loads of luck for next week.

Take care xxx
Hey Slinky oh hun not to worry that was last week this is a new week... fingers crossed you will have an amazing week this week!!!!

Flick those demons off your shoulder!
Hey Slinky, don't worry,TOTM is a real pain in the rear end isn't it? I always put on loads then. Just think you will have a much bigger loss next week to make up for it.
Remember you are going to be a slim sexy angel and ignore those little demons!
Cheers you lot - just needed a kick up the bottom - back on in - back on the mission to be slinky!!!! xxx


Back on the diet train...
aww hun totm is the worst not only do you feel rubbish and bloated but you dont lose as much or gain!! i feel your pain, i only lost 1lb due to this. :(

good luck for this week hun. :)


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