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Evans has just lost another customer......

HA! Brilliant! Bet you feel super skinny! Well done to you hun xx
That's great. So is it bye bye Evans, hello Topshop, River Island, maybe Miss Selfridges???

Evans must hate all the Lipotrimers.
OMG those words will be the best words that could run off my lips, well done you, fantastic!!!!!!!!!
aww thats brilliant, well done you.
my favourite shop is river island and cant wait to go there when am skinny...
:) :)
well done you, I always hated evans xxx


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I'm sooooo happy!!!

I can't shop in Evans anymore as the clothes I have tried on are too big!! Woo hoo!! :happy036:
Congratulations.....that is brilliant!!


No longer a redhead though!
Hehe, woohoo!!! I hate Evans, everything is a weird shape in there! You must be super happy :)


Great stuff isn't it Crunchy!! Well done.

Hannah your comment made me laugh so much with the 'weird shape' I still have the weird body to fit into them.

What I am really really really looking forward to is being able to rummage (and buy) in charity/secondhand shops again. Finding that quirky little top that'd go with such and such. For years I haven't been able to because anything in Oxscopeheartrspca in a size 18 is usually big shiny and fluorescent blue, with matching crimpelene pants!
wahaaaaaay delighted for u gutted for evans lol my friend couldnt buy clothes in most shops til she started this now she said she can finally dress to represent herself not just so she can fit into something
Hannah your comment made me laugh so much with the 'weird shape' I still have the weird body to fit into them.ny and fluorescent blue, with matching crimpelene pants!
Haha, well, maybe I am just a weird shape cos nothing ever fitted me properly from there! Jeans had some hip/thigh thing going on that just isn't there, the bras always creased/went pointy, etc.

it is amazing when you can start buying clothes because you like them and not because they will cover all the bits you need to cover .. I am looking forward to finding a whole new style .
I too have a greater love for charity shops now and am buying clothes from them whilst I am loosing as there is no point buying new if I am going to be a size smaller soon ..
oh its an amazing feeling :)
determinator thats such a good idea. i find i already have loads of brand new clothes cos i was always buying clothes and then finding they dont fit but never bringing them back. i must have 15 jeans/skirts that i will soon be structing in oh yaa. i already managed to get into two really fancy tops i bought on sale at xmas even thou the didnt fit cos they went from 30 euro to 3 how could i leave them, and now they fit oh yaaaa
Evans *spit*

Hate hate hate the place!

Isn't it the best feeling in the world to walk on by it and be able to say - " Nothing in there fits me anymore!' then give it the finger.

The most amazing feeling in the world to me at the minute is being to walk into any shop and know that I will fit into whatever is in there. I still catch myself looking around and wonder if anyone is thinking 'What's that fat cow doing in here, she's kidding herself!' When I take things to the checkout I think they're thinking 'Eh, that'll never fit her!'


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Awww Betsy I know that feeling so well. I love being able to walk into normal shops and not hoping that they have a plus size range!!

It is a very alien feeling and is going to take some getting used to. I was shaking the first time I did it!!

Well done on your losses you really are a fantabulous inspiration to those of us starting out xxxxx
Hi I got down to 10st 12 and pharmacist says I shouldn't go any lower, 10.7 was my goal, but now I look at myself with my shoulder blades sticking out and I have to accept that my body doesn't need to go any lower just to look better within the "normal" weight area of the chart, my BMI is about 24. Anyhow really enjoying my new wardrobe which is all my old stuff I couldn't previous get into. My 12s are now lose and my bf is getting paranoid I'm too thin. Oh well, better to be a bit ott than not having shifted as much as you wanted. Do you think I should go back to pharmacy and insist they give me more lt for my re-feed I thought I had to drop down to 2 a day but they insist I have maintenance stuff? I am not that bothered as I think I can control myself and I have lost my appetite for the wrong type of foods now, I am quite happy with fish, salad water and yoghurt and I don't mind restricting myself, I don't see food as a major part of my life anymore. But it is concerning to see people that have put it all back on, I will just focus on this frame of mind I have!
I still take an 18 in the changing room 'just in case' then I go back for a 16 and more often than not now settle on a 14 - the shop assistants must think Im mad!! Even fitted a pair of 12 jeans the other day and bought a 12 top (amazing cos I'm pretty booby!)

Did / do any of you survey a room as you walk in and see if you are the biggest? Im still terrible and actually have a pretty negative body image (hence the size 18s) My husband gets tired of me going 'is she bigger than me' or 'am I as big as her?' Its terrible and I would hate if I knew someone was saying that about me.

Heres to seeing ourselves as we should and sticking two fingers up at the big girls shops!!



Eyes on the Prize!!
Hi Emmievic

I still look at the back of the clothes rails for the biggest size!!

And I still survey all around me to see if I am the biggest. I used to be the biggest in my office but not now! I'm kind of 7th biggest out of 22 so I want to get into the middle bit and I'll be happy!

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