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Evening peeps

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Now - dilema

I'm going out to my friends home tonight for an italian meal - all 8 courses!!!!!!!
I need suggestions on how to politely not scoff the lot and leave food on my plate. If I were in a restaurant it wouldn't bother me but my friend has spent 2 days getting this meal together and I don't want to offend. So suggestions for leaving food on plate needed and no I'm not taking a big handbag to put it in when shes not looking lol.
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Does she not know your following SW?? Im sure if she does she would understand if you only ate a little. Tho for me would be more of a questiong of wether I had the will power to leave some on my plate lol

Enjoy...how ever much u eat :)


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It sounds lovely and it's hard not to be rude. How about saying that you're not feeling 100% and that you couldn't possibly eat lots and lots? Or how about just a little of everything? Good luck x
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Yeah, I'd thought of that cos she does know that I had a migraine yeserday, so not feeling 100% would ring true. Just seems horrid when shes spent the money and took the time and the trouble.


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You could just say that since you started SW you cannot eat as much as you used to so you will be pacing yourself at each course - that is of course that she doesn't know that at SW we all stuff our faces 24/7!! 8 courses is a lot to face though, I am not sure I would make it to the end.

Good Luck
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Being half Italian and regularly going to meals like that I'd say don't worry tooooooo much. You don't get massive portions at each course, because even the Italians can't pack it away that much lol! The Italian motto when it comes to entertaining is definitely 'never knowingly under-cater!' So, it's not impolite to leave a bit on your plate, quite the opposite! It's thought that if you've cleared your plate, you must still be hungry...and so will get offered more on the next course!!! Honestly! So only eat as much as you want to/think you should (which I concede may be totally different amounts)! And the courses should be served quite slowly, so you're not rapidly eating - what you've had at each course won't be remembered and you certainly won't cause offence :)

There's also no harm in just being honest and say 'only a little bit of that one for me - I'm pacing myself!' or 'I'm saving myself for the next course!' or like you say, suggest that migraine knocked you for six a bit and you're still not on form.

But have a fabulous time and be sure to tell us all about your food!!


Ps: my record at a family meal was 14 courses, including risotto, pasta, meat, fish, sorbet, puddings, coffee and pastries etc. That was over 8 hours with dancing inbetween courses though.

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