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Evening primrose oil

Hi all,

now i know that evening primrose oil will possibly/definately take me out of ketosis.........BUT if i dont sort out my foul PMS mood....i'll be getting a divorce.

I normally take super strength all the time and then double it up when i get like this:)

any ideas.......PS: i am really horrid at the minute.......(i even swore earlier and i NEVER swear)
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Hi Goldengirl,
Sorry as I haven't even started the diet yet so am a complete newbie and therefore don't have much to offer, however I didn't just want to pass on the post. I know there is something about if you regularly take medicine (perhaps they would class evening primrose as such, since it alleviates a difficulty) then you may have to make some adjustments to the diet but it is still possible to lose on it. Would you consider contacting Lipotrim directly.
Good luck PMS is a b***h.

Hi, I agree with Doirin, best to ring LT direct tomorrow morning and ask them. They may be able to recommend something else to help.

Good luck.

Hello Goldengirl I think thats the best to ring LT and ask for their advice. Havent you taken it at all since starting lipotrim that might be why your feeling it worse. In the meantime you could always vent your anger on here. I promise not to cry :D
Hi all....thanks ever so much for your posts....i so appreciate your support

well i've given in and taken a huge dose and vented to my best mate.......I know i'll prob come out of Ketosis, but better than a divorce:) :) :)

and yes i'll ring LT tomorrow and see what they say......

I've not had any since i started and i'm really bad......i always know it must be bad when i'm ashamed of my behaviour. :)

i'm not to the stage where i could drive my car into a wall.......but my husband has refused to talk to me and he's gone to his mums (with son)

I know the lipotrim gives us everything we need, but normally i take boots wellwoman and evening primrose oil and some times st johns wart if i get REALLY bad

Anyway its nearly bed time :)
sounds like a nightmare!! im so laid back and chilled out usually im practicaly horizontal but ive found myself getting angry where i usually wouldnt bat an eyelid... so must be awful if your already prone to it!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
My family and friends will need to keep away from me when I'm on my TOTM because my moods are just diabolical. I pick fights and just find fault with absolutely everything and then just cry. I had my TOTM this week and it was horrible. Was miserable and ratty every single day of it. So for the next few months while I'm on the diet because I'm unable to take EPO for it, they'll just have to keep away from me because I'll just be like Medusa lol! I don't mean to be.
Hey Abbie!! congrats at getting in to 100's, that must feel amazing!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Hey Abbie!! congrats at getting in to 100's, that must feel amazing!!
Yeah it does hun! Hopefully I don't get into the 200's ever again. hehe!
How are you getting on? xxx :D:D
Im just in my first week Abbie, day 5, but so far so good... pleased to say ive had no headaches or anything... i feel fantastic! Cant wait to weigh in on thurs:)


I will be skinny again!!!
Typical Nutritional Information
Per capsule per100g Energy value KJ 22KJ 3033KJ Energy value kcal 5cal 734cal Protein 122mg 17g Carbohydrate 63mg 9g Total fat 505mg 70g Saturated fatty acids 39mg 5g Polyunsaturated fatty acids 400mg 56g Linoleic Acid (LA) 357mg 50g Gamma-Linolenic Acid(GLA) 45mg 6g Vitamin E* 5mg 0.65g


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats the nutritional values... It should be ok chick x( the mg measurements are per capsule)
I hope the official LT site gives you the go ahead to take the primrose oil, a slower weight loss is infinately better than a marriage break-up. So very sorry your whole family is suffering, I pray that everything works out a.s.a.p. :cross:

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