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evening weight ins

What i usually tend to do is have my lunch and thats it until WI. Its difficult, what time is your WI because mine is at 5pm to be honest thats not too late but if your WI is at say 7pm i would have a snack at 4ish.

Good luck



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had a look and its 7pm weight ins, I'm thinking of joining not sure yet, but was curious,its just all that all that hard work, over the wk and you eat then find out that you put on weight, maybe its not good to strave yourself before weight ins. hope all this makes sence lol

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My WI is at 5.30 and I'm afraid I have a big breakfast and then eat nothing until after I've been weighed. It's probably silly but I have this theory that if I have lunch I'll put on weight on the SW scales lol. I usually have a bit of a blow out on the evening of WI day though which probably makes up for not eating lunch!:D


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yea I think your right just b-fast, I think all that work just for the sake of a few hours its got to be worth it......
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I would normally have something light like a small soup for lunch at 12 - then nothing until after weigh in. Basically as long as you are doing the same routine on weigh in day then all should be well from week to week.


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thats all sound advice, can you have clear soups on green days (anisely Harriet) are they free, 'cause that not a bad idea for lunch time snack as 7pm is a long time away to weight in
i just eat normally on wi


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Eatting normally or not eatting after a certain time, however you do it, do it the same every week to get the truest reading
yea i thought im not going to get into the routine of only having my dinner after wi, i get in at 8.30!!! i always have dinner before at 6pm


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this will be a make or brake, eating late as I always eat between the times of 5/6pm, but if I don't try I will never know.......hopefully it'll be worth it lol


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as long as you do the same each week you'll be fine. I personally don't eat before mine which is at 7pm but that is more because I would have to rush round even more than I do and bolt it down to get to wi in time lol. Like I say, as long as you eat before wi every week and not just every now and then then your weight will go down at the same rate anyway :)


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ta mrs B, I'm going to go that way, at least I won't be cheating myself, & it all makes sense I suppose cheers Lacie xxx

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