evenings are harder for me !


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How many of you find evenings the hardest, I must be top of the list, the kids come home from school then go out to play for an hour, meanwhile im at home with all the housework done twiddling my thumbs. This is when I get bored and want something to do, hence why I`m on the computer to you guys as I realise I ate because I was bored.

So everytime I feel boredom coming I will be turning to you all for encouragement.

Sonkie :(
That's where I am at the moment! :D
I have yet to venture into the arcade, so what is in there and have any of you got any favourites in there?
I love the word thread thats gd though i bodged it up yesterday ....doh !

Click the arcade button at the top .............. dive in and try them all ...... but be sure to set an alarm, or else you'll be late for everything! Some people have been known to be lost in there for days!
The arcade is a life saver for the first couple of weeks. Now I clean and play the arcade as well.

Or read......sign up for a course to do and concentrate on that or ...........listen to Paul Mc Kennas I can make you thin CD...........

It may sound rediculously old fashioned but I don't mind admitting..... jigsaws saved me a few weeks ago. I have one of those boards you can keep it on so you don't have to finish it and I can 'hide' it under the sofa in periods of neglect.

I also like the arcade, and minimins in general. Need to check out the word thread I think.....

However even today I am sitting here at the expense of a very long 'todo' list so I may have to keep it for another day!