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Every start is different....


Serial Dieter!
I'm an old hat at this. Been at it for 5 years this year on and off...

I'm a CDC so have seen, with pleasure and pain the successes and failures of others and have experienced the same myself. The one thing that I've learned is that you have to be in exactly the right frame of mind in order to SS successfully.

I'll give you a potted history of me to help you see my point...

April 2005 weighing 21 stone, feeling desperate and unhappy I met a woman at the beginning of her LL journey in the course of my work. I revisited her at the end of her 100 days (it was purely coincidental) and she just looked amazing after losing 4 stones in her 100 days she was at her goal weight and feeling great.
So in July I began to look at LL. Found the website and realised that my nearest office was ab out 30 miles away. So I googled VLCD and came across the Discovery Health forum (the oldies will remember this), talking about Cambridge diet... So I looked them up and found my nearest counsellor was 20 minutes away.

August 2005 I started SS. By December I'd dropped 7 stones and was asked if I'd like to become a counsellor myself!
I lost a further 10lbs and became a counsellor in March 2006.

Dont' get me wrong I wasn't, by any stretch of the imagination skinny my BMI hovered around the 28 mark until I went to Florida for 2 weeks... 21lbs gained in 2 weeks:break_diet:

It all kind of went pear shaped from there. I continued counselling and watching others successfully get to goal, all the time watching my own weight go up and up....

My business was growing, but then again, so was my waistline
I restarted and failed to get anywhere with SS over and over and over again. It was utterly pointless. Everytime I fell.. I binged and gained even more weight.

Finally in January 2007 I had regained every single last lb (pluse 2lb more for luck!) I'd lost :giveup: I decided that I would NOT try and SS until I was truly in the right frame of mind to be successful.

I did 1200 plan and the 1500 plan for 2 years... with long pauses where I practiced maintenance... Where I learnt just how much I can eat without gaining.

At the end of July last year I finally came to be in the right frame of mind to try SS'ing again. I was going to visit my OH who was working in Europe on a contract. I planned for 7 weeks of SS and lost 2 stones and was back down to 7 stones lost.

It was easy, because I had a definite goal in mind.
It was easy because I knew it was only for 7 weeks.
It was easy because I had a VERY clear picture of what the results would look like at the end of my 7 weeks.
It was easy because I was no longer desperate.. and I had nothing to lose from trying.

So I logged back onto Minimins, started posting and reading the inspirational things that are often posted here and I stuck with my plan.

Today is Day 4 for me.... I had a wobble yesterday and picked at a few nuts and a slice of cheese, but I'm in ketosis so all is not lost.

Today, though I feel a bit 'disconnected' and weird. My legs feel heavy and my concentration is amiss. I just nipped to the garage for some tea and almost drove into another car because I was a little 'absent'. I feel like I've been out climbing Snowdon and really need to just go back to bed and sleep it off.
I've not felt quite like this before when starting SS, but I hoping that it soon wears off or I fear I may lose my job because my brain is not firing on all cylinders!!
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what an honest and open post, I think anyone who has you as their CDC will be inspired by your tenacity and the texture of your journey.But maybe more importantly, I can see you getting to where you need to be this time round and staying there..and yes, every start is different.
Hello this is a well written post!!! loved :)reading it as i can relate to some of it, im ss again failed yesterday!! :cry::cry:
Mothers day today meal out, so start again tomorrow.!:mad:

Can i also say well done for loosing soooo much weight wow!!:D:D

I may have the wrong person but your name ring's a bell to me from last year when i was first starting off??

All the best and keep posting PLEASE!! x
wow. brought tears to my eyes, dont know why. wish you all the best and good luck in the world. can i ask how you coped on the maintanace phases you did for a few years in 2007? how was that?

scary about you feeling spaced out!


Serial Dieter!
Hello everyone...it's been a couple of weeks and I haven't updated this to let you know, what's going on with me.

Well, I fainted on the way to the bathroom the next morning (it's happened before, but usually, I can manage 7 weeks before I have to go up the plans) So I stopped, I'm a rep so I need to be able to drive and run around all day, without being found in a public loo!
I have to say that I'm not 100% convinced it was the diet, as it's taken this long to feel 'normal' again, I think it may have been a virus.
So with this in mind I started again yesterday on SS+.. just in case.
I'm off on hols again in 7 weeks so I'd really like to get at least 21lb off in that time... A realistic and achievable goal.
I feel OK so far, but as I'm not doing SS, I don't expect to feel too weird. If this week is uneventful, I'll work up to proper SS next week!
Thanks for your message it really hit home for me.
I lost about 5st a few years (7 years!!!) back on CD for my wedding and regained some back overtime.
Then I lost weight various methods and now I want to lose 2stones to get to my goal weight of about 11st.

I am starting SS on Mon 28 March.
I agree by being focused and having targets/goal really does work and the weightloss plan becomes easy and a tool to get you where you want to go or rather where you want to be.
A slim size 12/14 for me is where I want to be and I know using CD is the quickest way to get me there.

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