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Everyone in my office is eating!

im feeling very sorry for myself today. i have a headache and i feel weak again (i have drunk 2 litres today) :-(


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
i really do empathise with you hun, we have breakfast meetings every week with loads of bacon and sausage baguettes there free of charge and it's so tempting but if you can just get through to your weigh in you'll see that the feeling of finding out how much you lost outweighs that craving! think of it this way - cave in and you'll feel guilty, don't and feel as smug as you like about the fact you resisted and will be slightly skinnier because of it! :)
But just think Keelie, everyone else in your office is putting weight on and you're not! Well done on staying strong, you'll be so glad you did when you go for your weigh in.

To be honest I'm strange in that I love the smell of the foods around me, it strangely fills a kind of hunger.
Well done for not giving in - I came close today surrounded by biscuits and chocolate and its only my first day - help!! Like the words of encouragement from everyone - helping me to stay on track... good luck


fat fat fat fat fat

Think of all the really unhealthy fats they are scoffing into their arteries. All the artifical flavourings. All the MSG and the like.

Then feel very saintly as you sit there knowing that if you stick to CD, you will lose 0.5lbs a DAY. (Based on 3.5lbs a week). Sometimes when I really struggle I think "If I can just get through today, thats another 0.5lbs off. Just today"

Stay strong.


yup, based on the CD average of a stone a month, breaks down into 3.5lbs a week. So say 0.5lbs a day.

Basically 227grams. So if you think next time you are shopping and pick up something weighing that, thats what you've lost. Over 2 days thats a family pack of mince, over 4 days the same weight of a litre bottle of water.

keeps me going sometimes.
thanks guys. i know you're right. I've done cd before and lost 6 stone so I know it works. i've just gotta rise above it all. speaking of which, I'm in a bit of a bad mood tonight... everyone at work seems to have an opinion on CD. apparently it's not healthy, I'll put all the weight on again once I'm done ( I know this isn't true cos I've sucessfully kept the 6 stone off and I'm back to lose the last 2). they completely dissagree with the diet and are constantly making mis-informed accusations and points. apparently I'll be off the diet by this time next week and be back to eating 'normal'!! humph. fat bloody chance. I'll show them all that I can do it and keep it off!!!!! it makes me really cross cos it's my body, my choice and I know it's safe. I just wish they would do their research before passing judgement. arghhhhhh
I know they all mean well and have my best interests at heart, but it really does upset me.
mmm. you could be right. we are all trying to lose weight x
Yup, virtually everyone wants to lose some weight. When others are negative I remind myself that being very overweight is incredibly bad for your health - and the benefits of losing just 10% of your body weight makes a massive difference.

I actually lost a "friend" in the summer who was continually negative - once I had lost nearly three stone she started to avoid me. Its interesting that she continually struggles with her weight....

When people are discouraging now I just smile sweetly and feel smug!


I get the same stuff at uni - usally coming from the people starving themselves on crispbread, diet yoghurts and cuppa soups, but I have no room to talk because they are eating "real food" apparently...

So it makes the dramatic weight loss all the sweeter. :D

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