Everyone's just so nice!!


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
Something I have found out since starting this diet is just how nice people are!! Everyone here is great and really supportive but also the people I work with. I'm only a temp and don't speak to many people but many of them, people who I don't even speak to, have complimented me on how good I'm looking. All my boyfriends' friends and family have been really nice too (I don't have many of my own friends here). It makes me smile everytime someone says something and I hope I can use this to stay focussed for the last stone and in the future. Of course, some people are down on VLCDs (mainly through not really understanding them) but not one person has said I look rubbish so must be doing me some good!! Full of good feelings towards humanity today. Remember - you're all great!!
Ahhh Jubbly that's nice. You must be looking so good now having lost 2/3 of the weight you want to. Good luck with the last 16lb and think how many wonderful comments you'll get then!
Its really brill that your getting complimented like this. It must really motivate you!!
Yeah, I'm not saying I look like a supermodel or anything (I wish), it's just touching that people notice and think to say something to me when they don't have to. When I feel like I'm still fat, they cheer me up and remind me how far I've come, and I'm completely in awe of people who have lost really big amounts of weight.
That is such a heart warming post and I myself have found the same that people who I would never of imagined even noticed me have come up and said how well I look and that they are happy for me.

I do believe that one of the reasons I do look well is because the milkshakes contain all the nutrients that the body needs and along with water it seems to help keep that fresh look appearance.

And of course I am in awe each day with the support I get on here and in watching how members come and help each other and pick each other up when down and encourage each other on along the weight loss road and so happy to see each one succeed along the way.

It is inspiring and very humbling at times.

Love Mini xxx