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Everythings changed, help!


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I started CD about 5 years ago for a little bit but lost my job and could afford to continue. I was looking at the website and it seems to have all changed. Before i just went straight onto to 4 shakes no food but it seems like i can't do that anymore but have no idea what i can do?
I have 12stone to lose and ideally wanted to eliminate all food from my diet.
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Hi - I have to lose 12 stones too and I went into 4 packs a day and no food. I am doing well. 24lbs down now :) I had to get permission from my doctor to start the diet and she said she thought it was a good idea.
I think they do tell you to ease into it but I went straight in and have found it much better just not having any food around to think about.
technically, and by the book - i think women with BMI of >40 are sposed to start on a higher plan, even with a doctor's signature. But lost of CDCs seem to be interpreting this in their own way. The rule was only introduced this year, and many of cambridge's success stories have SS'd all the way to goal. for those, like me, starting after the rules changed, many of us would have failed if we'd had to include food.

I would never recommend anyone to break cambridge's rules - which are there for our safety. i started out SSing on 4 packs instead of three, because that's what my CDC told me to do, and i didn't know otherwise. it was only later after researching on minimins that i discovered it was wrong, and i made the personal choice to carry on SSing (by then i was on 3 packs).

I would talk to your CDC and see what they say.
post 14 on this thread gives the exact rules for men and women, plus a cdc's ability to use their discretion.
I had 8st 2lbs to lose, my BMI was 45, I started the first week on step 2, as the book says, then went straight onto ss for the second week as I was feeling absolutely fine.

I was the same, I didn't want to eat food at all, a nibble of this, a nibble of that and it wouldn't have worked for me. Maybe speaking to your consultant for advice. Only you know what your body is capable of. Good luck x


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Thanks for the replies, i emailed the cdc's in the area just to see what they'd say and i've had a couple of responses. One said 1200, another 100 and one said 810 and actually the lady who said 810 gave me the most information and good honest advice, not like she was trying to make a sale. Is 810 £42 still? thats the one thing i forgot to ask.
I'm about £40 per week average. I buy 2 or 3 extra packs to build up a stock as the weather was awful here from end of November last year and we were snowbound for a while.
I love your motivation picture, would you mind saying where you got it and can we do one?


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stocking up is a good idea!
i used this weight loss simulator,
Just build and dress yourself at different sizes, left click on the model and save to your computer, then i just did the collage on photobucket. I've never been thin so i find it hard imagining it, found the pictures very helpful.
810 will be the same price as SS or SS+ as it is still 3 packs a day but with a slightly larger evening meal (decent amount of protein, small amount of veg, no carbs)


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Coolio, well i'm seeing the cdc on friday and she says i can start straight away as i have a drs appointment on Tuesday, works out well as i am off for 4 days from friday so probably the perfect time to start. I do suffer with depression/anxiety which has been bad recently but thats more to do with recent events, but my doctor is very supportive so hopefully he will sign the form.
hi, i have 10st to lose and i went on to 3 packs a day without any food. how come ur not allowed to? have u spoken to a cdc?
check the link i posted to upthread. it explains CDs rules (which many CDCs seem to ignore).
I do not want to sound as though I am encouraging you, but at the end of the day you can buy whatever packs you need and no one is going to force you to eat the extra meal to take you up to a higher plan. The counsellor has to advise in accordance with CWP principles, to cover their own backs, but the diet is your responsibility and no one is going to monitor your intake. I do SS, as agreed with my counsellor, and I started with 14 stone to lose (now have about 13). If my counsellor had told me to start on a higher program, I probably would have agreed to do it but sole sourced anyway.

Sometimes 13 stone feels insurmountable, but I know my life will completely change once I do it. That's what spurns me on.
If you decide to use the 810 plan you won't be disappointed. My friend is on it - three packs a day and a small meal in the evening - and she is losing well and feeling great.

If Cambridge have introduced changes they must have a good reason for doing so. And of course anyone selling you the product is pretty much duty bound to follow Cambridge guidelines. As someone else said, what you actually decide to eat or not eat at home is your business. I think you will love 810 but you must decide what's best for you. It doesn't cost any more than SS, because you just pay for the three packs a day.

Good luck!


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Thanks for your replies, i spoke to a lady at work whos daughter had been doing cambridge but had to stop as she got pregnant. She was on 810 but struggled staying on track being able to have food so she was having milk to boost her calories up without having to have food, but she wasn't sure if it was skimmed or semi skimmed, do you think milk would knock you out of ketosis?

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