Evicting the fat the Dukan way!!!

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  1. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Hi all,

    Where to start?? Well...May 2012 my weight loss journey began, i weighed 15 stone 7.5 pounds!! I joined a local Rosemary Conley group and started attending a local bootcamp 3 times per week. i successfully lost 3 stone and then my weight loss came to a stand still. Gutted and frustrated I started the Cambridge diet and got down to 10 stone 9 pounds. I have maintained this weight since November by exercising 3 time per week at the lial gym. I love exercise and can't imagine life without it now. Makes me feel great and defiantly more energetic.

    Right lets get to the point. I am in a healthy BMI but not at target weight. I had a look on the Dukan website and done the true weight. It come back 10 stone which I am more than happy with. I have 9 pounds to lose and starting my 3 day attack phase tomorrow as I need to pick up some oat bran today.

    Will I be ok sticking pretty much to chicken breast, turkey rashers, total 0% yoghurt, galette (using my egg and oat bran allowance)?

    look forward to getting to know my fellow Dukaners :) xx
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  3. TamaraAbi

    TamaraAbi Silver Member

    Hello well done on the weight loss so far that's great :) that sounds fineto me as long you eat enough of it and drink enough water good luck :) xx
  4. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Thank you :) petrified of going back up the scales again.
    I hope I get it right, worried I'm going to muck up somewhere. I am going to play it safe with the basics I think at first. How do you find this diet? I've been having 4 pints of water a day and 4 black coffees on top of that. Going to try and up my water by another pint. Will be constantly on the toilet I think, haha! X
  5. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Gold Member

    Hi Dwyer - WOWIE You have done so well with your weight loss and exercise so far

    YOU ARE A STAR - welcome to the boards btw and welkcome to dukan! :D
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Having read your post too quickly, I was typing how sorry I was to see you start Dukan with just 9lbs to lose, but then I reread your post and realise you're coming to us from Cambridge and not Rosemary Conley, so you're already on the low carb treadmill so it's a good idea to introduce food again.

    Perhaps post your menus in the daily menu thread initially if you'd like help as to whether you're doing it right. Remember to have your oatbran every day - you might see a slight gain initially if you've been on a VLCD but this will even out.

    Good luck!
  7. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Awww thank you Jelliebabe :) finally did it after having my boys, yay!!! I see how we'll you have done to, well done :) are you also doing the dukan after Cambridge? How are you finding it? Still trying to get my head around the diet, book is on order.
  8. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Hi maintainer, thank you for reading my diary :) I have been on a normal healthy balanced diet and the odd junk food since November and maintained 10.9 by exercise. Just completing my weight loss diet via the Dukan. I really don't know what to expect weight loss, hoping for at least 2lbs in my 3 day attack. Xx
  9. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Day 1 - Attack Phase - 1 of 3 days!!

    b- oat bran galette and turkey rashers
    L - 2 chicken breasts covered in a few herbs and sugar free jelly
    d - chicken again with a hard boiled egg. Will snack on turkey slices if peckish :)
    Lots of water and gym later.
    hope that looks ok and HAPPY FRIDAY !!
  10. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Breakfast was delicious, very filling!! Cooked all 8 turkey rashers. 3 with breakfast, will have the rest through out the day if I'm hungry x
  11. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Welcome Dwyer, good luck :D
  12. Munchkin71

    Munchkin71 Full Member

    Good luck with Dukan and welcome x
  13. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Brilliant diary Dwyer and what a weight-loss journey! Enjoy Dukan :D

    P x
  14. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Good morning D, hows it going?
  15. Dwyer2010

    Dwyer2010 Full Member

    Happy Monday all :)

    all was going amazing until I caved in and had a Chinese last night :( very disappointed in myself but sometimes you need that horrid feeling in your belly of disappointment to motivate you. If I can lose 5 stone why can't I lose this little extra? The great news is I've lost weight and weighed 10stone 5pounds yesterday at the gym. I did 1 hour treadmill (833 calories) and weights. I am starting the attack phase again tomorrow but not the 3 days just going to do the one day then move onto cruise.

    I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and your all keeping well.

    Kate x
  16. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Kate just draw a line under yesterday and carry on with cruise, youll get the last few lbs off xxx

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