Evolution of beauty


Gone fishing
Think I need this treatment:eek:

The wonders of modern technology!
Oh my God!!! That is just amazing... I just can't believe it.. I knew that photos get airbrushed but had never actually seen it done before... it's so true- no wonder our perception of beauty is completely distorted.... absolutely GOBSMACKED!!!!
It is totally ridiculous though, isn't it! I mean - that woman is gorgeous to start with!!!

Who on earth would want to gild the lily???

Who are these people who judge what is beauty and what is imperfection??? How very dare they!

A few meeja/fashionistas who are so not attractive themselves (hey - I watch America's Next Top Model!!) who have the audacity to distort and twist our whole society's perceptions of what we SHOULD like that, but cant because we are human.

A man once said to me that it's our imperfections that make us attractive (he was accusing me of being boss-eyed at the time - the pig) and although he was barking mad, maybe he has a point!
What an amazing video. I read on an American site the other week that all these photos in magazines are airbrushed now; it's apparently big business for the agencies which do it. Made me feel better when I look at womens' magazines though when I see photos of Jane Fonda advertising L'Oreal with all this guff about how it makes her look younger it infuriates me - like how plastic surgery and airbrushed photos have nothing to do with it!