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Exactly What Hoops to jump through?

Only me!!! ;)

You`re all going to be sick of me at this rate, Or i`ll be banned for spamming :sigh::p

I just wondered exactly what hoops you have to jump through to get given Xenical? I mean i have posted about umming and ahhing about taking it, Yet I might not even be allowed it!?

Do you have to lose a certain amount of weight aswell as meeting the "criteria" or can you just start right away? Or is it a case of how long is a piece of string? And it depends on your Dr/PCT?

I have already lost some weight and would hope that this would be taken into consideration. If I had to lose more weight before being allowed the tabs, I don`t think I could do it :(

I have seen some people saying they`re waiting to collect their prescription, Do you have to wait a few days between being allowed it by the Dr to actually getting it?

Also, Do you have to see a dietician before you can embark, Or whilst on it??

SORRY!! for all the questions, Just wondered how it all works.

Hope you`re all having a lovely Sunday!

LiSe Xxxx
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I tried to get it a few years ago (before I knew too much about it) and I was sent away and told to lose 3lb before they would give it to me. Once prescribed you are told the basics by the doctor but you are then left to do it by yourself. And stay by the toilet! As for waiting for the prescription, it may just be that not all pharmacies will have the stocks and have to order it in
I went last year to try it, was told I had to lose or maintain my then current weight for 2 weeks. So basically, don't put any weight on. I chickened out of taking it though. I went again on Thursday & she gave me prescription straight away, I start tomorrorow. Got to see Nurse in 4 weeks to get weighed & do a food diary to take. So dunno if thats because I've enquired before or what.
Thanks for the reply Taz,

It seems to be the theme that you`re given a prescription by the Dr without any dietary advice =/ I just wondered if that was the initial consultation and then you had to see someone else.

LiSe x
Hi Amanda :)

Hopefully I will be allowed them right away then if I decide to go down that route. I have in the past been given Metformin for weight loss/regulating my cycle due to the PCOS and I have mentioned them in passing and the Dr has said speak to me when you have stopped feeding.

This is such a huge step for me if I take them, That if I have obstacles from the Dr I might end up giving up :sigh:

As i said on your thread, GOOD LUCK!!! :D

LiSe Xxxx
I have never ever ever in all the time I've been on Xenical had any side effects. I wear skirts, light coloured trousers, go swimming and even go to aquafit. I have had no need to stay close to a toilet either.


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I have been on the tablets for 6 weeks now and at no time have i had the orange oil or any majorly urgent toliet visits. I go to the gym 3 times a week and exercise at home and have had no accidents.

If you are careful with your diet you should be absolutely fine :D


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