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Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by honey-bees, 19 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. honey-bees

    honey-bees Member

    Please could some one please post me an idea of what they eat on a VLCD diet on a daily basis?

    Thanks in advance :bighug:
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  3. MrsJ708

    MrsJ708 Full Member

    Hello, I use slim and save so my normal day is shake for breakfast, soup for lunch, a meal pack with 200g of vegetables from the allowed list for tea and then a bar cut into little pieces as my evening snack. On a Sunday I substitute my meal pack for 100g protein so I can have a roast dinner (in a slim and save way!) with my family. In between my meals I drink lots of water and have a couple of coffees with skimmed milk. What plan are you thinking of following?
  4. honey-bees

    honey-bees Member

    Thank-you Mrs.J,

    At the moment I am calorie counting and allowing myself 1300 kcal per day. I've cut out all sugar and starch and started exercising daily.
    I am just a little unsure as to what constitutes a very low calorie diet, is it simply cutting your daily intake or is there an actual plan?

    I keep reading I need to drop my carb intake and up my protein intake, is this correct?

  5. MrsJ708

    MrsJ708 Full Member

    VLCDs are usually less than 800 cal and low carb/high protein. Slim and save is generally 650 cals or slightly less, the packs have all of the essential nutrients and vitamins so you're body doesn't miss out on anything whilst your calorie intake is so low. Be careful trying to reduce your calorie intake to these levels just by reducing your food though as I think doing that long term could be dangerous. VLCDs put your body into mild ketosis too which gets your body burning fat and reduces hunger. The slim and save website is very informative so might be worth a look at for more information or ask the lovely people in the slim and save forum they're all very helpful! X
  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    If youre doing a vlcd you MUST follow a proper meal replacement one like Slim & Save, Exante, Cambridge etc

    You cant just cut your calorie intake to under 800 and do it yourself
  7. fionapullan

    fionapullan Full Member

    I am doing Exante which is VLCD. I have three products a day (just shakes at the moment) but they lovely and creamy x
  8. honey-bees

    honey-bees Member

    As I said, I've dropped to 1300 daily.
    I think i'm in the wrong section, noticed a calorie counting one so think I will be lurking in there!

    Thanks for everybody's help though.
  9. wonkeydonkey

    wonkeydonkey Member

    hey ya im using the sml diet. it's 4 packs a day for total or 3+ carb free meals - they gave me ingredients lists but i stick to 4x a day. occasionally snack on chicken beats going full on eating overload.

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