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Exante Diet in the Work Place?


Always Struggling...
Hi Girls,

I was wondering how you all cope on the Exante diet in the work place.

Do you feel embarassed when making up your shakes?

I'm an accountant so I work in an office most of the time. Sometimes I get to work at home, which is useful for the diet. :)

When I am in the office, I always feel like people are watching me when I am making my shake at my desk!

I know - Becky - you mentioned that you work in an office too. Do you feel like this as well? Do your colleagues ask you questions? Do you feel embarassed telling them about the diet?

I thought this might be a good opportunity for us all to get to know each other a bit better and talk about our day jobs!
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I'm a nurse working in the community at the mo so am, partly office based. I was thinking of having a bar for lunch as it is easily portable and less obvious than shaking a shake! Although I was pleased to learn that one of the women working in the centre has recently lost weight with LL so people are not as negative towards VLCDs than I have experienced elsewhere.

I really don't want to explain why I am losing weight this way to people I work with as I feel it is such a personal issue. This is why I value this forum so much even if I cant decide where to post because of the faffing!



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Im going to have a bar at lunch as I would feel embarrased and I too feel its personal to explain to people I work with why I am doing this diet. I work with both men and women and most of the women aare very slim and this makes me feel worse about myself and I dont think they would support me so the bar feels less noticable!

Vanda you have done so well already I hope I can get as far as you and do so well. My first weight in is on saturday but seems a million miles away at the moment!

I thought it would start off hard and get easier but I feel it was the other way round and im finding it harder now. Hopefully it is because of the bank holiday and when I get back to work on thursday it will be much easier.

I did think about having an Indian takeaway tonight and I thought oh well it is bank holiday! But I have had my mushroom soup and I might go to bed soon so temptation doesnt win out!

Hope we all have a good day tomorrow.

Love Becky x


Just keep swimming
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I'm also a work in the community as a school/clinic nurse. I work with 2 health visitors (in different offices), one has just lost 31/2 st with LL, so getting plenty of encouragement there. Have told the girls in the other office as well....really encouraging and interested in the diet.
I tend to use the bar during the day, I work 9 - 3.30 most days so i split the bar up and snack throughout the day on it and drink my water.
dont feel embarrased because you are actively trying to improve health and weight. you are more important than other people's judgements. just wait and think about what they will say when you have lost all the weight

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