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Exante going bust???

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nothing on google and nothing on the exante site.. I wonder where your LL person heard it from?


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Exante Inc went bust, but a new company bought them out a while ago. Exante is said to be very secure now. There was a thread about it a while back x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
yay my isis is back xxx and already soothes me!
xxx was a little nervous.
Just to be sure I will do a check on them today to see just how secure they really are. It could be this LL person is just going on very old news but the checks I can do will tell us what is happening and how financially secure they are. Imagine if they were going bust, would not be good for us at all.
Jeez Melarnz, look at you, between seeing you and Bren inspires me to no end. Everyone should take inspiration from these photo's.
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Alright everyone, nothing to worry about, As Isis says Exante Inc Ltd went bust and Exante Ltd was born.
Exante inc Ltd went bust on 05/02/2010
Exante Ltd registered on 15.01.2010, Exante Inc obviously knew far in advance that they were going bust.
The same people that ran Exante Inc Ltd have nothing whatsoever to do with Exante Ltd.
In my experience in dealing with companies is that no company goes bust within 5 months of starting to trade, unless of course something catostrophic happens like the MD decides the company is not growing fast enough or the MD has run out of funds, but going into it with a short term goal is stupid and reckless when opening a new company, you have to provide for the worst and give yourself at least 24 months. It also depends on how much she had going in. If she has a large borrowing the bank will certainly not shut her down after just 5 months, they want a return on their investment so will try and help her if there are problems but I think we can all relax and carry on ordering without a hassle.
I have emailed them and told them about this rumour, lets see what they come back with.
Good Mark. Day one was easy for the most part..determination and excitement i guess. got to around 9pm and was struggling as i usually would sit down when my wee boy is in bed and make my way thru bad unhealthy food while watching tv. Instead i came on here...it helped! Yesterday again was pretty ood. It was so hot i didnt even think about food.....just drank loads...which is good! today so far so good, just turned my shake pack into lollies for later. Looking forward to gettin weighd on Monday is spurring me on.....although i have had to hide my scales at a friends house to stop me weighing beforehand lol. Thanks for asking :D xxx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
hang in there kelly xxx rant if you need too.. I have to admit I sneak peeks at all the before and afters.. seeing people nearing the end of this journey and maintaing it after . really makes me believe that I can too

and just to link for Mark, as he has been doing lots of hard work for us this morning http://www.minimins.com/exante/156668-everybody-exante-forum-please-read.html.. saves him writting his findings twice xx


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Phew!! I'm glad about that, at least we can carry on in the knowledge we can get to target!!

Thanks for the compliments on my pics. Hopefully it will only be a few months and I will put up my target pictures xxx


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I would like to be wrong one day...but alas....lol

I did a lot of research on Exante while waiting for my packs. I read about it then :)