Exante Newbie I must do it this time


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S: 22st3lb G: 12st3lb
So I'm halfway through my first day I'm hungry but trying to keep busy
weight today 22st 3lb
I'm so ashamed and unhappy I managed to lose 1 stone 8lb with SW 2 years ago and have put it back on and more. I have been obese my whole life why can't I do this?
I have a husband who doesn't know I exist 2 lovely children one just doing his GCSE's and a daughter just finishing her degree at uni. I just feel like its time to start my life I don't want to waste anymore time so this is the beginning..... I have 6 weeks until we go to florida I'm dreading it I'd like to lose 2 stone by then. Is it possible I'm doing total solution to start with.
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A little easier today as I was at work I'm trying to remember to drink plenty and that has helped.
Hi, I'm on day 4 now..... I feel it's getting easier. I find myself quite full as I drink a 700ml bottle of water before my shakes and drink 4 through out the day. I am finding other people the most difficult to be honest. Good luck with your journey. Xx