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Exante Security blanket - What yours?


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Hope you don't mind me butting in, I'm on w8 a vlcd also, and mine is peanut butter. Just a teaspoon and I can get back on track knowing the world is fine! It's got to the stage that knowing it is there works!
I have salmon and chicken to hand 'just incase' psychologically if I know it's there I won't bother with it. If I have nothing then thats when I'm likely to raid the cupboards

Same here and I was kind of practising over the xmas holidays and it seems to work for me!

Nice work on the mid week peek starlight!
7lb :O


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I can't coz once I'm on that slippery slope ..................................:eek: I can't even have the bars in the house!!!



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well I have to confess to keeping the low calorie options hot chocolate. I know I shouldnt have it on Exante, but when I am going nuts looking to eat something I have one of those but dont make it up with the three spoonfuls just make it up with 2 spoons, it works out at about 30 calories and doesnt seem to knock me out of K.
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i have chicken breast, cheese and mini pepperami's on stand by. i hardly touch them but if i know they are there then im happy. when the date is due to run out on the chicken i feed it to the kids. no waste :D
My little security blanket is cuppa soups. Ive mentioned these before and been shot down by someone for it (lol) but if im mega struggling i will have 2 shakes and a cuppa soup in place of my last shake. Ive found that batchelors golden veg ones are very similar in values (slightly less calories but almost the same carbs, protein, fats etc) but so far i havent felt the need to have one. Previously if i struggled id either have one in place of a shake or have half a one on top of the 3 shakes. Probably not advised....but it helps me knowing theyre there x


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I have some left over water flavouring from cambridge so I make up some ice lollies to crunch on in the evening
Also coke zero. Again ive not felt the need to have any yet but i used to stick a cup full in the freezer if i was struggling....and have it at night when it turned all slushy....yum!
When I first did Cambridge I kept one hard boiled egg in the fridge!! Sometimes I'd rush to the fridge and snatch the door open and just look at it!! I knew if it wasn't there I'd start looking elsewhere!!

It's day 2 for me on Exante and I placed a little hard boiled egg in the fridge last night!! Haven't checked today but I reckon I will later tonight!!

and yes... I am bonkers!
That story was made funnier when i seen your ticker is egg shells haha! My friend used to do the same tho....she always had boiled eggs in the fridge in case of emergency! Whatever works eh xx
I may sound like a teachers pet but my security blanket is knowing that this summer my thighs won't rub together, I won't have to wear a cardi to cover my fat back and tell people I'm a bit cool, I can wear exactly what I want without thinking, does it cover my bum and tum. Sad but true xx

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