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Exante support


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Hi @anna.claire and good luck with Exante. I'm part way through my second week and trying to lose around 2 stone. All going really well so far.

Are you doing the 800 plan?
Hi @Mazza
Thanks for your response! Good to know you’re doing ok with exante. Yes I’ve attempted my first day of the Exante 800. It wasn’t hard throughout the day but then this evening has been a bit trickier, around the time I’d start picking in the evening!
Have you been eating a range of the products?
How did your first week go?
Good luck with your journey


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Thanks @anna.claire I lost 5 lbs in my first week, which I was really pleased with. My tastes have changed so much from being a strictly savoury fan, I now love the bars. I would advise you to be open to trying a variety of products to find out what you really like and can stick to. So when you order, add a few your not sure if you'll like, just to try. I have been pleasantly surprised doing this.

What's worked well for me is having my first product late in the morning and having my last when my OH and daughter have their evening meal, or even after they have. Having a chocolate shake with hot water or a bar with a cuppa has really helped with the evening hunger demons.


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No problem. I have a diary thread on here, which you can find via this link:


You'd be very welcome to have a read and join in. My next weigh in will be Wednesday morning :)

I hope you have a good day.
Hi, I’m new to Exante. I started on Wednesday after putting on 1.5 stone during lockdown. I was on Slimming World before but the groups stopped and I couldn’t commit to a regular session virtually with all my kids at home. I have a LOT of weight to lose , and am on Exante 800.. although I’m only having about 650 each day. What sort of weight loss should I expect? I’m 120kg
Hi @Mummybearto4boys
I only started last Sunday on exante. Your story sounds very similar to mine though, weight gain over time after SW but particularly over lockdown! So on Sunday I started exante 800 (ish) and I did it for 6 days, saturdays my weigh day so today I had lost 6.5 pounds in my first week. I’m very happy with that. Some days I have 4 exante products and some days I’m having 2-3 products and a 2-300 calorie meal.
good luck with your journey!!
Hi @anna.claire , wow 6.5lbs is great, especially as you don’t have much to lose! It’s so hard having the kids at home, I was picking at their leftovers, having takeaways and drinking a bottle of wine a night so I could sleep! I’m not sleeping much now I’ve stopped the drink but I feel better mentally for stopping the rot .. I’m not sure I could cope with Exante long term so I’m just going to take it a week at a time. I did sneak a look at the scales this morning at it was -3.8 so I was very pleased. If only all my belly rolls would stop rumbling 😂xx
@Mummybearto4boys i was doing the same, I had a holiday booked for March which was cancelled and I started treating the time as if I was on an all inclusive holiday...spent weeks eating and drinks absolutely anything I wanted. I’d lost 2 stone on SW last year (though I wanted to lose a lot more) then just gave up for some unknown reason! So I’ve tried on and off since then but lockdown totally ruined everything and I’d nearly gained everything back. So I decided after seeing photos of myself and just feeling totally uncomfortable in summer clothes that I needed to do something! I don’t know how long I’ll last on exante but the first week went well so I’m determined to stay on it longer and get some good habits back at least. I would normally have a cheat day when it’s weigh day but I haven’t really today just maybe an extra 1-200 calories which I’m not telling myself off for, back to it 100% tomorrow for another full week and see what next week brings.
if you need any support just ask, like I say I’m new to it but sometimes it’s good to talk! Xx
@anna.claire thank so much, I joined slimming world back in January (again) when my youngest was 3 weeks old. I lost 1.5 stone but put back on all but half a pound when group stopped. I think I will have a cheat day next week, but probably only a chicken salad or something! What are your favourite products? I’m not good with the shakes but I quite enjoy the cereal like bars and the cinnamon porridge, I normally just eat some veggies in the evening to fill me up xx
@Mummybearto4boys i haven’t tried everything yet but I’ve found I now prefer the sweeter things and if I want a proper meal it’s more that I have a 200ish cal meal like a salad and some protein. I have tried w couple of the evening meals but some not so keen on. I didn’t mind the chilli or the Indian curry. ive tried a few bars the last few days, I liked the strawberry jam bar, also tried banana bread, peanut bar. Both ok. I’ve had a couple of shakes which have been yummy but I don’t find them as filling so usually only have 1 a day, I’ve had vanilla today which was nice. Soups are mostly nice that I’ve tried - mushroom, butternut and the chicken and leek were all quite nice but I tried the ham and mushroom pasta I think it is, I kind of forced that one down I wasn’t keen and felt it had a funny smell that put me off. The porridge is pretty good and I’m ok with the muesli yogurt and choco puffs. I’m definitely not just a shakes person as I need something to munch on! In an evening when I’ve been hungry I’ve had a few carrot sticks or cucumber to stop me picking. I know I’m probably not following it 100% but I think as long as I’m around my 800 cals a day it’s got to work, right?
@anna.claire totally! I was probably on 2500 kcal a day before exante so even if I have the odd salad I’ve still got to lose plenty. My husband has booked us into the hotel in Jamaica for October where we spent our honeymoon so that’s a real incentive, I know it may weel not go ahead but I have to hope! Last time I was there the locals love larger ladies and I kept being called a ‘fluffy diva’ 🤣🤣. Kids are begging for McDonalds when it reopens next week, that will be a real test!
@Mummybearto4boys that’s so funny! When we went on our honeymoon 2 years ago, when I was 3 stone lighter, we went on a cruise and stopped in Jamaica and one of locals was telling us all you’re either a slim ass or a fluffy ass. Husband and I both agreed I was a fluffy ass 😂😂 and that was 3 stone lighter! Hoping to get into a healthy BMI that’s my main aim, anything less would be great but healthy BMI will do me nicely! Don’t know how long it’ll take!
@anna.claire my honeymoon was 2 years ago too.. I can’t wait to go back! I don’t think I’ve ever been a slim ass.. or not since I hit puberty anyway 😂. I’m going on how I feel rather than the scales, I’ve always been really heavy for my size.. but if I could get to a size 12 I’d be so happy, I’m an 18/20 now.
@Mummybearto4boys i tell myself I’m a 14 at the moment but I’m definitely edging on a 16. Hoping to get back to a comfy 12 and I’d be so happy with that too. But I’m taking each day at a time! Normally on a Saturday I’d be a bottle of Prosecco down, crisps, anything I can find...so tonight I had a couple of packs of fridge raiders chicken! 37 cals for each pack what a treat 😂😂
@anna.claire i think I’ll get some of those fridge raiders. I’m usually on toast or crisps by now. It’s the biscuit tin when I’m up feeding the little one in the middle of the night I’m really struggling with... I might superglue the lid on... kids faces would be priceless 😂
@Mummybearto4boys how are you getting on?
on Saturday night my dog had to go to the emergency vets and needed to stay in for 48 hours on an IV drip, so we get to pick her up tonight and updates say she’s doing really well. But that could have affected my weekend diet plans, I did stick to plan and I didn’t over eat as such because if anything I felt so sickly and worried especially within the first 24 hours of her being kept in (I don’t have kids, she is my baby!) but I did make good choices I just didn’t really total up my calories the same way yesterday. I had 2 shakes throughout the day when I could face them just to keep me going and then made a meal in the evening. I didn’t go overboard it was only chicken salad but I didn’t measure, weigh or calculate any calories just chucked it all in and it was pre prepared salads mostly and a full pack of cooked chicken. Just easy as I couldn’t be bothered at all yesterday and was living off 2hours 45 mins sleep. But although I know it was more than 200 cals as exante suggests, I had more to play with. And I made good choices rather than eating my feelings. Just not been writing down cals etc. And bonus I didn’t grab a bottle of Prosecco out of the kitchen this weekend as I usually would 🍾 so small bonuses, just getting theough each day.
Hope you had a good weekend - keep going, you’re doing amazingly!! Xx