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I've just finished week 5 and am really pleased with the results so far (apart from the rancid breath that is!) as I've lost 30lbs in 5 weeks. However, the only shake that doesn't make me retch is the chocolate although at a push I can just about stomach the chicken (weird I know!) Although this doesn't bother me at the moment, I need to do about another 10 weeks and I don't want to get so sick of the shakes that I give up before my goal. A friend suggested moving to Exante at some point as she says that it has much more choice than LT. Has anyone had any experience with exante? Specifically, are the losses as quick as with LT? Does anyone know if you can move from one to the other and still stay in ketosis and keep losing weight?
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Dont know anything about it sorry but there is a forum on the minimins site so perhaps have a read through there it might throw a bit of light on it for you
I think DiscPete is giving Exante a try, sorry I have no experience of it myself. All I would say is give LT a few weeks then try the shakes again, you may find your tastebuds have changed. Also, try making them with more water, I use 400-450mls for mine and love all the shake flavours - although when I started I only had strawberry and the peanut flapjack.

can't help with exante - but have you tried adding coffee to the choc shake ?? and also the vanilla - it makes the vanilla taste totally different.

Good luck whatever you decide.
Caren. xx

I am on Exante at the mo, there are so many more options to choose from, the flapjacks are fab, no cardboard taste at all.

When I started 11 days ago there was a mix up with my parcel so I had to use some Lipotrim shakes that I had left, I used Lipotrim for 4 days and then my parcel arrived and there was a taste explosion! I make the shakes with 300ml of water as they are a little thicker than the Lipotrim ones, but I make the soups with 240 as they taste like real soup when a little thicker.

I started at 12 stone and lost 7lbs my first week, I am on day 4 of this week and have already lost 2 1/2 lbs, which for my weight range is ruddy fantastic.:happy036:I have had a couple of Lipotrim shakes during this time to use them up and it doesn't seem to have effected the big 'K'.

I have tried this diet twice before (when I was 12 13 1/2) but couldnt make it happen, I really think that having more choice with my flavours has helped.

If you need any more info I would be happy to help.

Sammylou xx


Motivated by you lot!
Hi Stetson, as mentioned by cuddlyfairy I am trying Exante after a short but successful time on Lipotrim. My reason for changing was financial though and I had no problem with Lipotrim at all.

My initial impressions were that the shakes weren't quite as tasty as the LT ones, but in your case that may be a good thing if you don't like the taste anyway. I also add coffee, ice and a tablet sweetener to both Exante and LT shakes to help with the taste. On Lipotrim it only took me a few days to get used to the taste, however it has taken me a full week on Exante to settle down; now I quite enjoy (or at least am used to) to Exante shakes too. The flavours are vanilla, banana, strawberry and chocolate.

I did like the soups on Liptorim although I only had them during refeed and maintenance, whereas on Exante I have soups as part of the TFR diet. I also like the taste of the Exante soups and there are more flavours as well - mushroom, thai chicken, tomato and basil and vegetable.

For me the best part of the Exante diet over the LT diet are the nutrition bars - the equivalent of LT's flapjacks I guess. The bars come in nut, raisin and toffee flavour and also chocolate orange.

My Exante diet (Total Solution) consists of 1 shake, 1 soup and 1 bar, whereas on the male LT diet I was only having 2 shakes a day. I also think that the daily calory intake on Exante is slightly higher - approx 600 cals compare to 400odd on LT, although I'm not 100% sure if the male LT was 400. Having said that, I really feel that the weight loss is about the same. I lost 6lb on my first week (1 lb less than my 1st week on LT) and seem to be still losing this week too.

Another initial impression was that I was not getting as full as I was on the LT diet, perhaps because the male LT shakes are larger than the female shakes, whereas there is only one size on the Exante diet. After the first week I didn't notice that as much and have had very few hunger pangs.

Finally one thing I consider a bonus is having it delivered to me, rather than have it controlled by a pharmacist. I do believe that it is a good idea to have medical backup from the pharmacies, but having tried the LT diet, I felt I was able to continue on Exante without that 'safety net', and at the end of the day, after my initial consultation, I was only going to the pharmacist to get weighed and usually by a non-trained assistant.

As I said earlier, my reason for changing was different to yours, but I had no problems at all on LT, and if you can get used to the shakes then stick with what you know. However if you feel the need to try another, very similar diet, then I can see no reason why you can't carry straight on with Exante without it effecting what you have done with LT as they are both supposedly 'nutritionally complete' diets.

Sorry this turned out as such an essay, but I hope something here can help you or others. Good luck with whatever diet you follow.



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Discpete has basically said it all and thanks Pete for all that information.

The one thing I would say is that if LT is working for you, then carry on until you feel like you cant take the shakes anymore then swith to another diet. What ever you decide, Good Luck!


Motivated by you lot!
...thanks Pete for all that information.
It's my pleasure, thanks for the 'Thanks' and the rep by the way, much appreciated. :)
Wow! That's such great advice from you all. Sammylouslim and Discpete, your comments are so helpful - a huge thank you! I think Jesi may be right, I'll keep on lipotrim for a few more weeks until I really really need a change and then switch. I'm a lecturer and I sometimes find it hard to stop for the shakes in the day when I'm teaching so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of having nice tasting bars to munch on! And soup that tastes like soup....bliss! However, given my weight loss to date I can't complain too much about Lipotrim as the results have been great.
I'll let you know how it all goes if I change. Gook luck everyone!


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How much is Exante compared to LT?

I must say though, I absolutely love the shakes on LT. I have count down until my next one lol


Motivated by you lot!
How much is Exante compared to LT?
£40.70 delivered, which is the variety pack (enough for a week) - I can only justify that because the male Lipotrim diet costs £58 a week in Belfast. Lipotrim is probably cheaper for you in Manchester.



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I wasn't keen on them at first, but obviously due to having now choice but to like them lol, through tweaking, I find them lush now. Do you use a blender/mixer? I didn't at first, and they were awful with the lumps. I have the strawberry one in the morning, I put 2 measuring jugs in the fridge with 300mls of water in, then when I am ready add 4 ice cubes, and wizz in the blender, it makes them really cold and frothy. Have the vanilla at tea made with the cold water, ice cubes and coffee. Scrummy. Then for supper I have the choc, again, with the ice cold water, ice cubes and coffee, divine-my favorite one of the day.

Some have the choc hot with peppermint tea, there are a few varieties that people use, it's your personal preference on what you can tolerate.

Some have said though, they are purposely designed not to be palatable, in order to re-asses your attitude to food and change your taste buds. Personally for a long amount of time, I want something to look forward to each day, as I am not eating!!

Good luck, hope you start to enjoy them.
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I'm a lecturer too and I must admit the bars are a godsend, I have been teaching all through the summer and the canteen has been closed thank goodness, so that has helped.
I've tried them a few different ways but I just don't like the strawberry and vanilla for some reason. Maybe I'll try adding some sweetener as that's the only thing I haven't done yet! I make the chicken soup into a dough with a little water and then grill it and that's quite nice. I have it on a Friday night when my boyfriend is having his takeaway - it makes me feel better to eat something when I see him scoffing a lovely Chinese!
I'm a lecturer too and I must admit the bars are a godsend, I have been teaching all through the summer and the canteen has been closed thank goodness, so that has helped.
Until recently my office was right next to the refectory and the only way in and out of the building was to walk past it - I was too weak willed not to stop so that clearly that explains my weight gain!
I teach in a school during the day with a nice canteen, on the night I lecture at the local college I have to pass the cafe to and from my room but fortunately it is always closed by then!!!! I manage to ignore the naughty vending machines right next to the water fountain as I fill up my bottle with lovely cold water!


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