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Excel Slimming World Record - Version 3.5

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by squiddie, 16 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    17/04/2014 - Update

    Hi All,
    As you all know I've been ill and whatnot and I'm still working on that other all singing all dancing version, but I've had other priorities, like finding somewhere to live! In the meantime I have this new version which I'm calling 3.5 because I don't know where I've got to!! I know there is some problems with date predictions and so on and also people were confused with which version to download, so I'm going to change the layout of this post so there's just one download link so you can only click that, or the one in my signature. I've lost track of the features in previous versions, full details are below.

    - Use in stone and pounds
    - Pick up to 4 interim targets
    - Warning if you set a final target that is too high or low for a healthy BMI (you can ignore this, it won't affect the functionality)
    - Keeps track of your weight loss
    - Estimates target dates based on your progress
    - Insert photos at different stage of your journey
    - All you need to start is your height, start weight and goal weight
    - Requires Excel or other software that reads .xlsx files
    - Charts your progress in colourful line graph
    - Track your measurements as well as your weight - graphs these too

    Drawbacks/Potential Troubleshooting
    - At the moment you'll need to use Excel, I'm really trying hard to convert it to work with free software
    - Assumes you weigh in weekly
    - You might see errors like #N/A when you first open the file, fill in all your information and they should all go away
    - If you want to play around with the code, feel free, just go to Review > Unlock Worksheet the password is blank
    - If you download this new (or any) new version you will have to renter your progress
    - I want to log more than 9 measurements/12 weigh ins:
    When you get to the end of the measurements table and/or the weigh in table you need to unprotect the worksheet (Review > Unprotect Worksheet) and just put your new weight or measurement in as normal and the rest of the table will jump to fill in. If for some reason it doesn't automatically expand the table, you need to hover over the tiny square in cell 11-I until the mouse cursor turns to a double arrow, then click and drag it down to the new entry.

    Quick Start
    - Just fill in the green on the Dashboard!
    - The start date of you plan (I hate the word diet)
    - Your height (in feet and inches)
    - Your start weight (in stones and pounds)
    - Your interim targets (if you have any - you can fill in as many or as few as you like)
    - Your final Personal Attainment Target or PAT (you must fill in this one, even if youre not sure, just put in anything)
    - Finally put in what you'd like to lose on average every week (you should aim for 1 -2 pounds per week)
    - You can then fill in your measurements if you want to and how often you'd like to track them (every 4 weeks is a good idea)
    - The dashboard really comes into it's own when you start filling in the Weight Record;
    That is every week, after your weigh in, just pop your new weight in and you'll see the formulas do their thing.

    Anything Else
    - I try to be about to answer any questions, but there are lots of friendly people here who will help if they can
    - Feel free to share the record, but please don't credit steal!
    - If you make alternations or find cool things to do with it, feel free to share!
    - Please don't be mean - I'm one poorly fat lass doing the best she can!

    Download Now: View attachment SW_Record_Public_3_5.xlsx

    New unprotected version - use at your own risk: View attachment SW_Record_Public_3_5 -UNPROTECTED.xlsx
    Last edited: 26 July 2014
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  3. GlamUp

    GlamUp Full Member

    Thanks, this looks fantastic.
    Will play around with it at lunchtime.
    Wished I was this good with Excel x
  4. Mrs.S.

    Mrs.S. Gold Member

    thanks again xx
  5. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I love this, it's really clever! I've saved it and entered all of my stats in. Actually can't wait to get weighed next week and put my new weight in, hehe. Thanks for sharing x
  6. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    Thank you!

    This is really great, i'm confused though, I've put my starting details in, where do I put the information from my weigh in tonight? in the dashboard chart under current stats? There is a forumla in there so i don't think i'm supposed to put tongihts details there??
  7. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    oops, just noticed you've only to write in the green boxes, so i've put my start date as last week, where do I put todays information? Sorry if i'm being very slow!
  8. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between the sheets. You input your results in the "record" sheet.
  9. shezam

    shezam Silver Member

    very slow!! thank you :D
  10. spinme307

    spinme307 Full Member

    Thats fab, thank you so much for your hard work!
  11. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    Thanks for this! I filled it in last night and its really made me think about improving my reel time targets which at this point mean ill be at target by the end of 2016! No more naughty treats! Just a shame I can't get it to work on my phone to make me stop and think.


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  12. Amy_Maria

    Amy_Maria Full Member

    This is great I could never have done this myself. Thanks.
    There are a few errors, some I've managed to fix but there are some I'm not clever enough to fix if you could tell me what to change.
    Errors I have fixed = Real time targets - interim target 3 brings up target 1.
    Current Stats minimum weight only goes up to week 14 so if you put in more data than that you will need to change the 14 in the code to what ever number you are on on the record page.

    But the ones I can't fix are the start details club 10 and target dates, they are way out of what they should be and seem to be working out my expected dates as if I weighed my start weight now.

    Any help on how to fix this???
  13. craigmtc

    craigmtc Full Member

    Excellent, thanks. Really helpful. The only thing I can't get to work are the dates for interim target on left side of the dashboard, although the dates are correct on the right hand side of dashboard/.
  14. Jennie123

    Jennie123 Full Member

    This is great. Thanks a million :)
  15. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    lol, been using your original one for ages...
  16. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Hiya, could you please expand on what you mean by that? The dates on the left in the "Start Details" area are estimated dates based on your start date and what you've put in the weekly loss aim box. The dates on the right in the "Real Time Targets" area used today's date and your actual average weekly loss. The ones on the left don't change, but the right ones do. This way you can compare when you reach those targets - did you get there quicker, slower or on time.

    Hope This Helps,
  17. LizB

    LizB Full Member

    I have to admit I did the same thing as craig. Assumed the ones on the left changed. Then realised they didn't when I saw the real time changes doh!

    Sent from my iPhone using MiniMins
  18. craigmtc

    craigmtc Full Member

    OK, thanks Nat, really useful xls.
  19. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Thanks for your feedback. Because the record sheet is a table the formula for the min/max weights should automatically change, (it did during last testing at least!) as will any others that use the record sheet as reference. I've changed the other things you've mentioned and re-uploaded - thank you very much.

    Could you elaborate on the club10 and target dates? The way it works in the start details is if you lost "weekly loss aim" every week, how long would it take to reach "each target" - it doesn't reflect your actual weekly loss average.
  20. squiddie

    squiddie Starting Again!

    Sorry I understand now, yes this was my fault it was measuring as if you were starting today rather than your actual start date - it's all fixed now!
    The latest version is here: View attachment 75106
    And can also be found on the first post of this thread.
  21. Amy_Maria

    Amy_Maria Full Member

    Think this was the same thing I was talking about

    Thanks so much :) It really is a amazing Doc to use :)
    Amy :)

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