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Excel Spreadsheet/Weight Loss Chart


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I have done one, but I'm trying to avoid logging into my work IT account whilst I'm recovering. More than happy to clean mine up and make it simpler (I do a lot of manual things in mine each week for predictions and averages)

But all you need to do is select the relevant date and weight cells (hopefully your chart has a date column and your actual weight that week next to one another - if not, just insert a weight column next to the date column and copy the values of your actual WI results to that column or do a simple = formula and drag it down that column) and once you've selected them run the chart wizard and I usually pick the simple line graph - if you want to get clever you can then add in a column for your predicted weight loss each week using a simple ='cellabove'-3 formula and do a two line graph with a comparison against a 3lb a week loss. I'm not altogether sure how I would share an excel file...
but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!
Hi Sharon

I think Karion Dieting and Sarah (Cerulean) are fans of Excel (fantastic at dieting and fantasic at database management!!!).

I would LOVE a spreadsheet template...but sadly, am so technically challenged.

In my obsessive way, I would love one that showed AM and PM weights!! Sad, I know but at least I am honest!

Good luck and great suggestion!

Mrs L xxx
Sarah yours would be awesome if you don't mind sharing once you are better. I tried what you suggested but its just making me cross now lol it keeps putting stuff in the wrong place. I even got the manual out and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Maybe you could email your file when you get back to work if its not too much trouble?


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No probs - I have a mac at home so I can't do anything in excel from here - will entertain myself at work tomorrow by cleaning up a template for you!
Thanks Sarah u are a diamond. Please don't feel there is a rush if you have loads to catch up on just when you get time. BTW hope your mouth is feeling better now, I did feel for you when I saw the swollen picture.


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I'll be taking it easy at work tomorrow - I'm going in to do some work on - guess what - some graphs - anyway - so I will just go and catch up on my email, do my monthly reports and spend 10 mins making a simple graph spreadsheet for minis - then come home at lunchtime ;)


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No problem;) Actually, I might email it to you anyway, then you can add both of ours together and get twice the weightloss:cool::D


To infinity and beyond!
No problem;) Actually, I might email it to you anyway, then you can add both of ours together and get twice the weightloss:cool::D

I would appreciate it if you could email it to me too.

Thanks in anticipation :D


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Karion - LOL at your LOL...


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I downloaded mine from the microsoft website it has all the columns and graphs and it was free :)
Cool:cool: I looked there before I made mine up, but they only had American ones where you have to enter details in pounds :( Can't be doing with multiplying by 14 first thing in the morning. Even with a calculator :D


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How do you get stones and pounds to calculate in Excel?


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where cell B = stones and C = pounds.

The chart refers to pounds though, but the details are entered as stones and pounds.


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Ah - cool - I just couldn't work out how you'd got the graph to us them...thanks!
Oh my God, I'm having a Lost in Translation moment!

I haven't got a clue what you are talking about!

Thanks so much for offering to do this (I'm a Mac girl myself) and I look forward to embracing technology!

A Technically-Challenged Mrs L (pathetic, I know)! xxxx

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