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Morning, new to this . waiting for my councellor to get back to me, cant wait to get started!
I would like to know about LLL and exercise. I enjoy pump classes will i have enough energy on LLL for 3 classes a week?
Which activities work best with LLL for maximum loss?:massmoon:
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sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey hun .
i could manage a 3.5 mile run on lite but did feel 'it' more than when eating a good balanced diet , but you will have bags of energy once you get into ketosis , its just not as long lasting when you are excersising as you dont have the glycogen stores in youre muscles that we usually rely upon during prolonged excersize. but id say go a little easier the 1st class and listen to youre body , youll soon see what youre capable of and any excesize is better than none xxx
Thanks Sukie, got my stuff from my councellor , so am very excited about starting all this tomorrow, love my classes and wouldnt want to give them up.
ps; how do you get your signature all lovely like that?:eek:

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hehe . i love a bit of bling :0)
think you need a certain number of posts for pics n stuff . not sure how many but if you just click on my glitter text it takes you to them have site and they are free to make and upload .
if you join in the word games ect youll soon have enough posts xx
best of luck for tomorrow hun xx

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