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Have you paid up front, or do you pay as you go? I was alright at the gym for a while, but even with regular reviews by the young men (and they were always more interested in the young and nubile!) I just got really bored of plugging away on the machines. Plus as we live in a village I had to travel to get there and in the dark days of winter :eek: plus parking was a problem.
A couple of months ago I invested in a Wii (cue raised eyebrows from OH) But with My Fitness coach and Sports Active I have gone from couch potato to doing 5 days a week, and really enjoying it. Have a read of the Wii thread on here.
I'm considering a body pump class as one of my colleagues is starting one next month. And there was a good article in the last magazine just past about starting running which looked doable, but then it's dark mornings and nights again!
I'd do swimming but you get wet! (I always drop either my knickers or socks on the floor and have a damp ride home!)
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I am not tied in with a contract, I pay 15.00 per month, I am not sure about the Wii, I do like the company at the gym, but I do feel a bit self concious sometimes, I suppose if I were jumping around on my own in the lounge at least no one would be looking at my wobbly bits except the cats!!
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I belong to a gym and try different classes here and there, but typically I run 5K 3x a week and take a powerplates class once a week. I try to mix up my classes and try LBT, or circuits, and want to try spinning. I also like to get out for a bike ride when I can

I get bored with the gym as well, so listen to music, and also try not to do as much outside as I can as well to change it up

hth x

Mrs V

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Personally I find that if I dont have music to listen to when I am at the gym I would go mad!!! It also means that I am not so self conscience of people looking at me. I go 3-4 times a week and love it. I also have a Wii fit and teach jive to beginners twice a week. Dancing is another fantastic way of loosing weight and you dont have to turn up with a partner. My Hubby isnt interested in dancing at all!
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I go to my gym near my work in my lunch hour and do a mix of different classes during the week. The classes i enjoy most are spinning, body combat and body attack - all high impact then a body pump class with weights and then pilates which i need after the cardio during the week. I really struggle going to work out at the gym without doing a class as i get really bored and find the minutes go so slow especially without music.

If you keep your classes varied you might not get bored. I always find as soon as i get mondays exercise out of the way i have more motivation to carry on going for the rest of the week.

Kate xx:)


Wishing and hoping!
i do davina three times a week, i dont get bored because i am lover of repetation and improve thorugh continuing the same thing which builds my strengh up. but of course different strokes for different folks :)
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When I'm having a good week I exercise quite a bit. I do a lot of walking (I have two dogs), running, swimming, aqua aerobics, Wii My Fitness Coach, and I'm looking in to getting a cycle helmet so I can resurrect my bike. I get bored very quickly of exercise and have to do something fun, which is why I run and walk with my dogs. I feel a lot less self conscious when I'm out and about with my dogs and don't feel so daft running if I have one of them with me :)

So, other than getting a dog, I would recommend trying a few different things and finding out what you like. You can always mix up your routine so you're not doing the same thing on the same days each week :)

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