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  1. nikkernakker

    nikkernakker Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering what exercise, if any, you all do?

    I've joined the gym 3 times in the past few years, but I never last more than a few months - and it's a long, hard, painful few months. I've come to terms with the fact and I'm not, nor will I ever be, a gym bunny.

    I did, however sign up for my first ice skating lesson yesterday. :D What a workout! - legs, bum, lower back, stomach and pecs - and all while you're actually enjoying yourself! :) Can't believe it took me this long to finally get round to ice skating.

    The plan is to go twice a week once my lessons are finished.
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  3. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    I walk when I have the time. Not a stroll, I walk briskly (about 4.5mph) for 3/4hr at a time. It doesn't happen everyday, maybe 2-3 times a week, but I figure it's better than nothing?

    Like you, I will NEVER be a gym bunny, but I came to that conclusion a LONG time ago! LOL! I don't see the point in doing something that I don't enjoy? You're lucky in that you've found something that you DO enjoy. I don't intend to be a slave to a certain regime for the rest of my life. I don't mean any disrespect to those who LOVE the gym/exercise, for me personally- life is too short to spend hours sweating? I'd much rather go for a long walk with one of my girls in a pram, or (now!) kicking a football around the park with them? Before I had children, I did go to an aerobics/step class once a week that I really enjoyed, but once I got pregnant I hadn't the time/ babysitters to go. And when I think about it- how much good was busting myself once a week really going to do? LOL!
  4. nikkernakker

    nikkernakker Full Member

    I always managed to fool myself for a few months when I had signed up at the gym in the past that I was doing the right thing by sweating my guts out after a long day at work and a long commute home and actually enjoying it! (yeah right) but it could not be sustained and it got to the point where I'd "forget" my gym bag at home or at work, once I even left it on the train. That was a total accident, but got me out of going for a while :)
  5. charl-x

    charl-x Full Member

    Hey Nikkernaker
    Am a gym bunny one of the many odd people out there! But am only a gym bunny because my brother goes the gym with me he really motivates me to go.. Also the cardio is soooo boring so I just go on each cardio machine for 10/5 mins then swap to another one before you know it you've easily done 45mins!

    Its brill having someone to go with though and some good songs on you i pod help kill time!

    I can't ice skate so i'd be hopeless at that maybe it would result in my death am so bad! xxx
  6. TheMilkTrayMan

    TheMilkTrayMan Full Member

    Since starting to diet properly for the first time I have upped exercise levels to 30-min walk most lunchtimes, 20-30min walk in the eveing with the dogs, and 2-4 trips a week to the gym where I do cardio exercise only (no weights) 25mins treadmill, 15mins bike, 10mins rowing and finish with 10 laps in the pool. Have to say not only has it helped with weightloss / maintenance 9would of probably put on 3lb a week without it!!) it has helpeed with general fitness and toning, helped with sleeping, and found my general health (get less niggly colds etc) than ever before.

    I would strongly recommend exercise, possibly easier if doing it with a 'training partner' for motivation. But and it is a big BUT, if just starting LT, dont do anything other than very light exercise until the first 3-weeks is out the way and light headedness is more manageable.
  7. nikkernakker

    nikkernakker Full Member

    Wow! That is super impressive!!! I only get to my home area at about 7pm after work everday, so when you add going to the gym I would be home just before 9pm, which really sucks.

    I've also got to get my butt out during my lunch breaks and start going for half hour walks.
  8. nikkernakker

    nikkernakker Full Member

    Yeah, I've tried to get my husband to go with me in the past. He seemed quite keen at one stage, so I even paid his enrolment fee and bought him new trainers. But alas, he did not step foot in the gym after he signed the contract.

    I suppose it must make a big difference when you've got someone to go with.

    I did have a personal trainer for a while, that did help a lot, but was just crap at keeping it up once we'd finished our sessions.
  9. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    hi, i love working out. go swimming 2-3 times a week. gym about 3 times a week. also have my pedometer on every day to make sure i get my 10,000 steps in. at gym i do about 25-30mins cardio, resistance machines for about 20mins and free weights for about 10mins.
    best thing is to do exercise that u enjoy, maybe start dance classes or something else that grabs u.
    good luck

    x x
  10. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    Ooh, ice skating sounds like a lot of fun! My brother & I used to go a lot as kids & I always wanted to know how to do it properly!

    I go swimming & have just started dance classes with my Mum, which I am absolutely loving! It's Latin & Ballroom, so isn't really all that energetic, though, I think it will get a bit more active when we know the basic steps & actually, doesn't half make your legs hurt even when you're doing it slowly ;-)

    Also, now I'm back at university I have a big old walk up & down hills to the train station & around London. I went shopping with a friend on Friday & I can still feel it in my thighs (we were walking for a good four hours!)

    I know what you mean about the gym though - I'd get really into it for a few months, then just lose interest; you know, a couple of days where I had to go into work at a different time/had somewhere to go in the evening & that would be it for weeks... That said, I did go twice a day for a few months - I'm too extreme, I think! Definitely important to find an exercise you enjoy, I reckon, then it's not such a chore!

  11. Baileyamber

    Baileyamber Full Member

    Ice skating sounds brill! I want to do that!!! unfortunately dont think there are any rinks near me but ive always loved dancing so might look into that, will have to wait till ive lost some weight though just wouldnt feel comfortable at the moment x
  12. Welshie

    Welshie Full Member

    Hi, i'm only on my 3rd week but decided to go on my treadmill last week..... wrong decision, it was ok when i was on there and managed to run quite a bit but when i got off i thought i was going to pass out, felt really weak so i'm gonna leave it until next week. The best exeercise i do is EA Active on the wii, its a fantastic work out, you can make your own up, you use a resistance band for your upper body and it really works, will also be back on this next week.

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