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Excess Baggage Help needed !!!!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Back from Ibiza a week ago,put 4lbs on,I really need something to help me get back on track.What can I do ? I was so positive before I went ,what do you all do to keep yourself motivated?.I start the day off ok but am eating way too much stuff later in the day,as well as vinto tinto.Please give me something that will get me back on SW. I really need to lose the excess I put on plus more.
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Finding inspiration
Make yourself a big pot of soup and snack on that throughout the day. It will keep you feeling full and most soups are free (depending on what you put in them). Remember that stock cubes are all free now. (yay!)

I heartily recommend the Spicy Lentil & Carrot soup from a couple issues ago, it's in the "Extra Easy" recipe section. It's very filling and VERY tasty. You can adapt most soup recipes to be SW friendly... it's a quick, accessible snack, and good for you!

I also like to have a snack of either scan brans or ryvitas with my HexA of cheddar cheese on them. It's a good savoury snack. And if you have them with the scan brans, they last a while too because you have to take your time chewing them :)

This month's magazine has some fab recipes in it. I've made my second pot of Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry. It's yummy! I've got some here at work for my lunch today. It's super easy to make too! There's a Jerk Chicken recipe that I'm going to try next... mmmmm...


Bring it on!
i always have a load of 0% greek thick yogurt in the fridge. If i fancy snacks i whip this out and either have a big bowlful on it's own or add some fruit. Fills me up and, if i add sweetner and fruit, gives me a sweety fix too. You could just use your syns in the evenings if you need to for now. Also i sometimes find a hot squash drink fills me up and stops me wanting things. For motivation it's really just that clothes are starting to get too big and i don't feel as tired as i did before...and i like it :) so i focus on that. I also review some reasons why i am doing this like i want to see my kids have kids, and i want to do things i have been to scared and embarassed to do because i am fat. that soon helps send me in the right direction. I also reward myself for successes, i bought an exercise mat today so i can do crunches as home as well as the gym, i plan to get a tattoo and when i reach goal i'm teating myself to a driving experience as it's one of the things i haven't been able to do before...anfd i really wanna drive a supercar really fast!! (petrolhead alert). Just take one day at a time and say today i will do 100% SW, and go for it. Good luck you've done great so far.

Minders is right about this months recipes too, the sticky pork is divine, and the jerk chicken was yummy!


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Thanks Cindy,have a big pot of soup on as we speak, I really feel like a wet weekend ,first time I have had a lapse since joining sw so am finding it very hard.many thanks for your support.
chuffy,I am going to buy loads of lovely fresh fruit and have a big munch on yogurt and strawberries,should give me my sugar fix,maybe even go on wii later see if I can find any of those endorfins people talk about.

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