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excess skin

same worry as me, but then again i dont intend to be naked a lot lol
So if I drink lots of water, will I get rid of this horrid jelly belly? :cry:


Mines a V&T Please
advise from the team my mrs driving me nuts i l am loosing she may loose a little then put some on, shes a little 5 foot only 125lbs want to get to 116lbs, any ideas eating much the same as me but a little less.


Mines a V&T Please
yeah water i do nag her, she does eat a little less we had four days od having a glass of wine this week no affect on me but shes stalled and put a little on
OK TMI Time.

I had what I can only describe as an Apron of skin, It was so loose and floppy, However the good news is that it slowly but surely went, took a while and now it's fine but there was a stage where I did think I might have to go and have surgery to remove it.

Stephen, I agree with the comments about your wife mate.
thanks for that guys/girls its just something like missy iv always wondered about as i didnt want to have a extra pouch to carry around lol youv helped put my mind at ease :)
Having lost ten stones I do have excess skin. I have the apron others speak of. Nothing like the ones you see on those poor huge people on tv after losing 200 pounds! A comparatively small one, but obvious. It doesn't look that good but then, neither did the surplus stones.

I am waiting a year or two before deciding what, if anything, to do about it. Fearful that surgery will either be too expensive, too dangerous, or both. And the scars of even a successful tummy tuck are far from pretty.

I think if we have stretched our skin that badly, and for a long time, we can expect some damage. Those who don't have any are very lucky and yeah they do exist!
I'd wait Girly, my "apron" went, slowly but it did go love.


Loves this site!
Girlie, how long have you been doing atkins for? I hadnt realised you lost so much. I must admit you appeared a little while ago and i thought you were new. Sorry.

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