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Exercise along side slimming world HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Hayleyillidge, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hayleyillidge

    Hayleyillidge New Member

    First slimming world class tomorrow. I'd like to start exercising more along side. Does anyone have any tips for what exercises have boosted their weight loss.
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  3. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Running and swimming are good for general fitness/weightloss, I also love to mix it up by doing something fun like a zumba class. I would say exercises that help you tone are also needed (if you have more than a few lbs to lose). A gym session isnt a gym session for me without doing a variety of weights.
  4. chloe0214

    chloe0214 Full Member

    This will sound really silly..... When i first started sw I wanted to exercise I was doing a hour workout every day upon having 1lbs losses every week then 2 weeks I didn't exercise I had losses of 3lbs each week, so I did a weeks exercise again and had the 1lbs loss again??!! So I don't do any exercise now haha x
  5. jaxmummy

    jaxmummy Silver Member

    I would love to run but with 5 stone to lose I don't think my joints would love me x
  6. pineappleplant

    pineappleplant Full Member

    Anything is going to help you lose weights, maybe a nice easy way to exercise would be to just start with a short walk every day. Try and make it into a bit of a daily routine for you?? and then if you want to go for something more try a run a day or every other day. I always feel better after working out abit. I have a gym membership and like to go two or three times a week and go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes or just on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

    Anything that gets your heartbeat up is worth a try. ;) xx
  7. Hayleyillidge

    Hayleyillidge New Member

    Thanks for all the tips. Might give swimming a go and iv always been tempted by Pilates heard that's good for toning. Thanks guys !!:)
  8. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    Pilates won't really give you a good work out. Pineappleplants advice is good. 20 mins on cross trainer or brisk walk will be much better for you than pilates
  9. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Pilates will help you tone though, I say any kind of exercise id good :) for your bronze body magic you only need to do 50 minutes of exercise a week and keep it up for 8(?) weeks. thats only 10 minutes a day for 5 days, so realistically it could just be a brisk walk to the corner shop.

    Its fab that you want to do exercise too, don't be disheartened if you find your weightloss isnt as great as you hoped if you start exercising when you join. Your body tends to retain water a bit for the first couple of weeks as you up your intake while you exercise, its completely normal and will stop as your body gets used to your new found fitness routine. Also, as your consultant will tell you, muscle and fat weigh the same (a lb is a lb afterall) but fat takes up a heck of a lot more space so while you think you SHOULD have lost weight you may not have, but you WILL have lost inches and that can only be good for your health and you heart, which is why the encourage body magic.

    I would recommend measuring yourself before you start and then measure again at milestones in your weightloss (I didnt because I couldnt face it and I really regret it, Ive went from a size 24 to a 14 in 9 months!) .x.x.
  10. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Morning! Its the official start for me today. Im scared to get on the scales:( im going it alone (cant afford to rejoin SW) ive dug out my davina dvd and hoping that would b a good start with my exercise. I must make half hour for myself everyday, i remember feeling like i really worked out after davina - thighs used to kill! Wishing every1luck for this week.:)

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  11. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    I used to LOVE the Davina dvd, actually think I might dig mine out too for when I cant make the gym!
  12. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I think it's important to find something you enjoy - or at least you don't hate! I can't stand jogging so never do that and the changing rooms at our local pool are vile, but I love hiking in the countryside and dancing. I can cope with the gym but prefer other things.
    For weightloss, cardio (that raises your temperature, breathing and heart rate) will burn calories. Strength building exercises like weights or rowing machine will build muscle, which increases your metabolism and burns lots of fat even when you're asleep. I've never been fitter than when I rowed a lot - it's a brilliant all-over exercise if you get someone to teach you the proper technique (focuses on the legs and core).
    Good point about running and joints - I have very dodgy knees so I switched from the running machine to the crosstrainer which means a lot less impact on the joints.
    Good luck! Focus on how good you should feel afterwards!
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  13. pineappleplant

    pineappleplant Full Member

    Think this is brill advice, I'm wanting to start doing some weight lifting just not sure where to begin. xx
  14. lardylady

    lardylady Gold Member

    I just walk every day. When I first started SW, I could manage a 15 minute stroll before collapsing, but today I walked to and from work, totalling 8 miles. The key really is finding something that you enjoy doing!
  15. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Wow! What an inspiration to see your achievement. How long did it take you to lose your weight?
    I must admit I love walking used to do charity walks so I am very tempted to sign up for one to keep motivated. Not sure if I can go straight in to a 26mile walk as haven't trained for a long time but may start with a 5 or 10 mile walk and see how I get on before aiming higher. I've found my pedometer and going to see how I get on. Feeling inspired...:)
  16. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Impressive! I sometimes walk to work instead of cycling (4.3 miles round trip) but that's a fair distance for a work day! I do like starting my day like that, it's much more soothing than fighting with the traffic/other people on the bus and feels like an achievement first thing. Trouble is, I absolutely SUCK at getting up in time to do it!
  17. Amanda the Leaf

    Amanda the Leaf Full Member

    The key, as already, mentioned, is to find something you enjoy. I hate hate hate running so avoid it at all costs, however I walk when I have the chance - I try and cut out one of my buses every day by walking some of the way. I also love swimming and am lucky to work near a council-run pool so I swim every morning. But if you don't like those, try something else - any exercise is good!

    Years ago when I lost a load of weight I decided to try something more sociable and joined a hockey club. I was terrible at it but loved it and made some great friends so sometimes just give something a try cos you never know. :) I also gave martial arts a go and did karate, getting to intermediate level (green belt) before I moved out of the area and nowhere near another club. That was an interesting one to try actually because it was slow-moving at first but really worked you out and also made you focus on how your body moved. I would go back again in a heartbeat.

    I also have a bike, and cycled to work a few times in the summer and now I am a bit lighter and fitter I can't waite to get back on it when spring comes and cycle to work more often!

    Cycling & swimming are good sports for bigger people to start with because your weight is not all on your legs so your body is more likely to benefit.

    One encouraging factor about joining something like a hockey or karate club is that your first session is usually free so if you are in two minds, you can try it just once. There will be something out there for you - a long long time ago i even did trampolining which was like jumping up and down on your parents' bed when you were a kid except no one was telling you off for it!!!

    Good luck and let us know what you settle on. :)
  18. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    I do cardio with a lot weight training included too, at first I couldn't think of anything worse than venturing over to the 'mens' side of the gym where all the weights are and all the boys staring at themselves in the mirror haha but I went with boyfriend he showed me how to use them all and I love it! I just started off with light weights and then increase if I can and I feel it really benefits my work out as I feel so much more toned and tighter than just doing cardio alone. Whatever you want to do exercise wise you can, it's your life so just go for it and enjoy it
  19. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Oof yes I hate that sometimes weights areas seem to be a posing area for stacked young men! They seem to like staring at people too and I feel so pathetic lifting my little weights... or they watch you and say 'how many more reps are you going to do?' and I just get put off and run away!
  20. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    Zumba is great for exercise beginners, I still do it once or twice a week now! Now is the best time to start too cos almost everyone who goes will be just starting out, so you won't feel like everyone knows all the moves and you don't!there was loads of newbies at our class last night.

    Also walking is great, increase pace gradually, you might even start jogging a bit as time goes on! Good luck :)
  21. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    I did 20mins on treadmill this morning and only 5 of those as a run- it nearly killed me!!

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