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exercise and sole source


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I certainly exercise but not heavy duty. I walk very briskly on my treadmill 4-5 time a week for 30 min per go... Sometimes I do tummy exercises and streching. I personally think it aids my weight loss, others may have another opinion but one thing for sure is if you do want to start a new routine, build it up over time and only do as much a you feel comfortable with (it may be much less than you used to do). I started with 10 mins walk and have built it up to 30 over the past 6 weeks and I feel great.


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i do a few walks but not gone mad

when i go on mainteance will really step it up

i have lost 4 stone 10ish in 12 weeks so lost a lot without much excersice


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i actually didnt lose as well when i did exercise!!! (muscle weighs more than fat!!)
I wouldnt do anything to strenuous, i am a dog walker (amongst other things) by trade, so i walk most of the day briskly and it doesnt do me any harm x
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Quite the opposite for me. I exercise 4-5 days per week. I'm coming up to my last 1.5 stones and find the exercise keeps the weight losses constant at 3-5lbs per week rather than plateau. The bulk of my routine is made up of cardio - treadmill, rower, spinning. But I also do squats, light weights and plenty of stomach exercises. It was hard in the beginning but I find I have more energy now and can word harder. Even if the exercise isn't actually assisting the weight loss, it certainly helps tone.


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This is interesting because I've tried to exercise, but end up feeling so weak it's unreal.
I have done some weights, but have ached like crazy for 4 days after.
Really want to integrate this into my life, so it's good to know that it gets easier.


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i do a little exercise as part of my daily routine now, but i dont do anything more than i did before.
Have the mindset to do more, but my body doesnt let me on SS! lol
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I've actually found I've lost less in the last few weeks....when I've not been able to exercise. Tho...I have been nibbling....which I also think is linked to not exercising.

Think it depends on what you did before SS

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