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Exercise breakthrough (kinda)

Not really sure where this post is going to go, just wanted to get down what I was thinking on the way home today.

So each night this week I have done a combination of walking/running/sprinting between work and home (approx. 5 miles) going off of Huseyin's "burst training" idea, spending 5 minutes walking, 2 or 3 minutes slow jogging and 30 seconds sprinting, repeating that cycle as much as I felt I could (usually 4 or 5 times, but which I'm almost home!)

As I was doing it tonight, I got thinking (as I came to the end of my 2nd "sprint" section), that while I was trying to "get my breath back", actually, I wasn't breathing *that* hard.

So I began thinking, maybe some of this "out of breath, can't go on" that I feel when running is somewhat in my head?
And although the sensation of having to breathe harder and deeper isn't all that pleasant, well, I haven't had to do it for a LONG time, so maybe I'm just not 'used' to it? If that makes sense?

So as I began my next running bit, I decided that instead of bottling out of it when my breathing got a bit hard, I'd keep going as long as I could. And you know, I got to 5 minutes and realised that I could go on more, as long as I 'put up' with the harder breathing thing. It was a weird moment of mind-over-matter!

I ended up jogging for almost 15 minutes, by which time I had made some serious headway towards being home and decided to walk that last 5 minutes or so to cool off.

So yeah, amazed that I managed to run that far/long and not be dying on the floor, gasping for breath and taking huge hits from my inhaler (didn't need it at all!)

Best part is, I got home in 40-odd minutes instead of an hour + as it usually takes!

I tell ya, this exercise shctick could get pretty addictive I reckon :D :cool:
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Thats fantastic hun I've discovered the same thing I can go on a lot longer than I 'think' I can, seriously well done :D



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Well done! I am still talking myself into the whole exercise thing. My idiot cousin went off and got herself a bloke so i am left to go to the pool alone. GULP!

B x


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Well done Pete!!

Can't wait until I manage to break that boundry...although 2x30 minutes walks in the last couple of days is going in the right direction.
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nice one pete!!
you will be doing the marathon this time next year!
daisy x
Well done Pete. I can relate to what you are saying although I am in awe of you RUNNING!
i went for a bracing walk along the sea front with OH on Sunday afternoon and felt so proud I could walk and talk without getting breathless, feeling like I was going to die and going puce!!!!
I might even do it again.......maybe.
Thanks all! :) I keep reminding myself too that I used to run around a rugby pitch for 45+ minutes playing games, used to ride miles and miles on my bike every weekend for fun - it's reminded me that when I was a kid, I used to love doing all this active stuff, and now I really feel that coming through again; gotta do my best to keep it up! :D

to top it off, I got on my new facy scales tonight (I know, bad Pete! bad!, but I couldn't resist) and they tell me that this week I've lost 6lbs, so I'm well chuffed with that too! Just hoping the WI scales tomorrow night agree :p
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Well in matey
The exercise routine that you describe doing on the way home is the absolute best you can do _ Interval training
You alternated sets of low, med and high impact and then repeat
Awesome dude


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Well done Pete. When you are jogging try breathing in twice and out twice (in, in out , out), not sure if that makes sense.
I find I can go on for longer when I breathe like that. A nifty trick taught to me by a friend that does tri-athlons.
well done Pete! It's great being able to run isn't it!
Unfortunately I'm not able to do anything high impcat as I have a very bad back so sprinting is out of the question. Began joggin a couple of weeks ago and have done 6 miles every day ever since. Think I may have a day off tomorrow but you're right, it's completely addictive once you've got out there and reaslise you can do it!

Well done and keep going. I'll race you!!
RR said:
you're right, it's completely addictive once you've got out there and reaslise you can do it!
It certainly is!
I've also deicided to pick up another hobby of mine which I had to drop due to my weight gain, bmx street/dirt riding. Decided that my running is going to get me fitter, and when I hit my target of 14.7, I'm going to treat myself to a new bike to start out again :D

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