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Exercise....does this effect weight loss on SS in a positive way or negative?

Hi, I wonder if you could give me some advice! I've always been quite into going to the gym and playing squash and netball and I just wondered how people get on with this kind of exercise whilst doing SS on CD?

I'm not feeling weak at all so thought I could pick my sports/gym back up again....but just wondered how it might effect me...will it aid my weight loss or could it slow it down...or might I find I don't have the energy??

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Will B Slim
When i first started cd i did alot of exercise too, but my cdc told me to tone it down for the first 2wks in case it made me hungry. I did not bother going to the gym until i had lost 4st. I think everyone is different though. Personally i would say wait until you are close to your goal before you begin, because exercise benefits us more when we are at our correct weight. I'm not sure if it will slow down your weight loss unless you are gaining muscle.
in my 3rd and 4th week, i started swimming twice a week and was only losing 2/3lbs. i stopped it last week and lost 4 and have lost another 3 in the last few days. So i'm stopping the swimming until i'm struggling near goal. I dont know if i'm just unique lol but it dont work for me! lol


Must do it this time
Hey Kimba,
I Work Out A Fair Bit And It Has Not Effected My Losses So Far.
I Do 50-60 Mins On Treadmill 5 Days A Week,
30 Mins Toning Circuit(similar To Curves),5 DAYS A WEEK
And 2 60 Min Boxercise Classes Per Week,
I Feel Much Better For It As I Think Personally It Makes Me Feel Better Doing Cd.you Will Know If You Are Able For It Because Your Body Will Let You Know,but You Seem To Be Used To Exercising So I Think You Should Be Fine,but Everybody Is Different.and Just Because You Havent Lost On The Scales Doesnt Mean You Havent Lost Inches,ive Lost 19.5 Inches And That Was Only After 2 Weeks!!
Give It A Try And See What Works For You Ok Hun,
Good Luck Whatever You Decide,
Elaine X
Thanks so much for the advice! I don't really want to go a whole summer without exercising......feel it will really effect my fitness....not to mention tone! But I don't want to risk it effecting my weight loss....as that is the main thing that spurs you on isn't it! I might try a bit and see how I go! Thanks everyone!


constantly confused
It wont hinder your fat loss, which is the most important aspect.

Also getting into the habit of regular exercise will really help you to maintain your loss, and generally be healthier.

On a VLCD, a lot of the weight lost is muscle, so exercising will reduce that. It'll also help you stay toned and (I'm hoping!) will help prevent loose skin.

Even if it's just brisk walking, or something gentle like pilates, I think exercise is always a good idea :D


Striving to be good.....
Sorry to disagree, but we are upping our protein to prevent our bodies depriving our muscles of this source of energy.

The body will process excess fat before lean muscle tissue and the body will only rely on muscle tissue as an energy resource when the fat is all gone. In my case that's a long way off!

Our bodies have to work hard to gain energy from muscle tissue - a friend of mine is omg, some kind of scientist and has explained to me. also explained about ketosis and how it works but not in words that i could understand!!!

Please don't worry about losing lean muscle tissue unless you are really skinny and still dieting!

Mikki x

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