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Exercise DVDs/Wii Fit programmes!


Never gets tired of SW!
Hi all, I thought it might be useful to start a thread on DVD/Wii Fit workouts and to discover what people do themselves and recommend!

I bought Davina's Body Buff DVD today as I've been told it's really good! What I like about Davina is that she's genuinely into fitness rather than the usual celebrities who lose a few stone very quickly, bring out a DVD then put the weight back on again and have very little interest in fitness usually! Has anyone else got/tried this one? If so what do you think of it?

What DVDs/videos/Wii Fit regimes do other people use/enjoy?
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Never gets tired of SW!
Thanks hun! I had a go on a friends last week and it was indeed amazing! It's actually what has led to my desire to invest in a Wii! They're so much fun but I don't want to spend loads for it to be just a passing fad (I'm good at those!!) By the way, congrats on your AMAZING loss!! Over 6 stone is just amazing!!XXX


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I have three Davina's and they are brillent. Also you can obivously see changes over a period of time. I want to get Davina Buff but wait awhile so it goes down in price :)
I also have Minstry of Sound Pump it up but it so fast and as I have co-ordinational problems I hate it!
I got just dance 2 for the wii from santa, only had it on a couple of times but its really good and gets a sweat going!

I know this doesnt quite fit into the same category, but i really enjoy my local zumba class too :) xx


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I got my first Davina DVD last year from someone on this forum (thanks Ronnie!) and love it. I'm waiting for Davina Fit and Body Buff to arrive and can't wait.

I also have some dance DVDs - Tracy Shaw's Salsacise For Hips And Thighs and Dance It Off With Vicky Binns which are good fun, as well as Kate's Cardio Combat which is tough.

Then there are the step videos I've had since the 1990's which I never tire of. With a single aerobics class costing the equivalent of £6 or £7, I find a DVD at around £12 great value.

I'd love to try Zumba, if anyone has any DVD recommendations
I have the ea active sports 2 game for the PS3. Its fab, you use sensors on both arms and one around your leg to track you on the screen. My bum and legs are officially of no use today as the amount of lunges is immense! Im enrolled on the 9 week program where you work out 4 times a week and think I have actually found a fitness game I wont lose enthusiasm for :)
Davina's Super Body Workout DVD and the Body Buff are by far the best of all DVD's I've tried, if anyones considering it - go for it. You can definately feel the results of them!
Best dvd I've ever had (and actually used) was Isabella Hervey's one. It's straight forward, and is essentially circuit training, no leaping round the living room or dance moves to master, and very very effective.

Sadly, I lent it to a friend and never seen it again (can't remember which friend it was either!!). Might see if Amazon has got a cheap one going.
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ooo think am goin on ebay to bid for one now lol i have the wii but living bck with my parents at the min so and my dad in control of the tv my room too small to wiggle about but should get away with a dvd. i do go the gym twice week too but it gets kind of boring lol
YourShape fitness evolved for xbox360 - but you do need the kinect accsessory.

Dance central for xbox360 - need kinect accsessory

ea active - wii

Claire from Steps 5 step fat attack DVD

Davina Fit DVD

:) xx
I also go to my local gym and do;

bums, tums and thighs

but i LOVE body combat its amazing!!!
I have bought quite a few exercise dvd's over the years, but the best one I have found is Kate's cardio combat. It is a few years old now, but they are selling it for about £3 delivered at Amazon. Once I do this I find I can barely walk for several days! I know that doesn't sound encouraging, but it certainly burns the calories and gives you a complete body workout.
I also have a wii and I do wii active 2, wii fit and just dance 1 & 2.
What channel is sky fitness on?
I'm a huge fan of wii fit especially the step exercises on there. I've recently started on the running exercises which I could never do before! I am finding it a bit boring lately and have ordered ea sports active for my wii. I'm hoping with a bit more variety I won't get as bored and I can alternate between the two.
I love Davina :)
She's ace. I have her exercise bike which is fab.
I did a workout last night on my Wii, on the EA Sports Active. I have just restarted the 6 week challenge on there & god I'm aching today already lol! x


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Channel 282 for the fitness channel, on again at 16:30 today!! I havent done it before but im recording it :)

I like wii fit, but the best inch loss ive ever had was with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Its quite a tough work out but only 20 mins a day, i lost 2 inches of my waist in 10 days!!!

I also have the biggest loser on the wii, that's quite a touch work out too but i get bored easily!! xx

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