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Exercise, effect on weight loss?

The day I started SW just over 2 weeks ago I also started exercising every second day, I go for a 30min walk/jog, each week building up the jogging. I am wondering how starting exercise at the same time effects your weightloss, anyone had any personal experience?
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about 4 weeks ago i started going to a boot camp style class twice a week aswell as the usual exercise i do, the first week i gained half a lb despite being on plan. the week after i had a weeks holiday booked but i still kept up with everything 100%. and since then i've lost 4 and half lb in those 3 weeks. i think it just takes a bit of time for our bodies to adjust, i'm no expert though and i imagine some people don't have any gains. good luck whatever happens, any exercise is good anyway and it can only do us good in the long term :) x
My weight loss slows down if I do more exercise than normal x what I'd recommend is to measure ur inches now , and then again in a month then at least if the weight loss does slow , you can see that you've lost inches xx
I've started Zumba twice a week and C25K interval training (basically learning to run) 3 times a week. It's not helping the weight come off any quicker but it is helping with getting rid of the inches and toning whilst the weight does come off. and I think I'm enjoying it :)

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Well one thing to say is that you will not see a huge increase in the weight loss. I seem to remember SW saying that you could except an extra 1 to 1.5lb loss per month.

If you suddenly increase your activity level some people see an initial gain in weight but this is down to water retention and should soon pass. So make sure you are drinking more water - an extra glass for every half hour of activity.

However, they are lots of benefits to exercising in addition to weight loss - it will help with toning and if you do weight training as well as cardiovascular exercise you will build a bit of muscle which will make your body more defined. And muscle burns more calories than fat, not only when exercising but over the whole day even during normal daily activities - like surfing Minimins! Exercise has also been proven to improve mood and in some areas is available on prescription to people with depression. So you will also feel more positive, which can only be a good thing.

So go for it, but try to do a variety of different types of exercise rather than just the jogging.
I have had a completely different experience! I have always been a complete excercise phobe!! Well, last week I thought I'd start making use of my gym membership and over the course of the week I swam 90 lengths and ran 3km.

At weigh in on Wed I had lost 4lb which in 12 weeks is the biggest loss that I've had and I was over the moon!!

Our consultant said the main reason for weight gain or slow loss when excercising is not eating enough! You actually need to eat more free/superfree foods to allow for the excersice and boost your loss, which I did! I even had a couple of days in Brighton last weekend where I wasn't 100% on plan.

Totally understand though that everyone is different and we all respond to dieting/excercising in different ways!

I do an hour of cardio with weights and 30 mins of yoga everyday and i;ve lost 10lbs in the last 2 weeks. Also have been to plan 110% and i;ve in general had a low fat diet. First week i started i sts but i can feel my body changing daily. I;ve lost inches as well as weight. Also i'm getting nice and toned looking(despite the extra lbs and makes me feel better) and my waist definition is back on track. Also i feel great and healthy and i can carry the shopping home and i can run around after my son and not get out of breath. Exercise is nothing but beneficial but make sure you dont over exert yourself or it will be very damaging
Thanks for all the advice girls, at the moment it's all I have time to do as I have 17 month old twin boys! It's the couch to 5k I am doing too, just finished week 3!


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Yeah, i found that when i started going to the gym my losses slowed down - and some weeks i gained, but the inches were going down! As long as you're shrinking and becoming more fit its all good.
Hey. I recently joined the gym and have gained 5lbs in the last two weeks I haven't done anything differently, I have drank more Nd eaten around the same amount, but have still seen a gain, hopefully my body will sort itself out soon and I will be losing inches! But to be fit and healthy is my main goal. Xx
The way I'm thinking is ....ppl notice ur inches they don't know how much u weigh !!!! Had an annual check up at doctors last week and ended up with 12 weeks free slimming world have been doing it from home so gonna try class now , just thought it was worth a mention ! X
I have found with exercise the more I do the more I loose, and if I don't exercise I have very small losses. ( gutted at mo and I have damaged my foot and unable to even go on walks :() I have never experienced a gain due due to lots of exercise.
Exercise will help weight loss, the biggest barrier to balancing weight loss and exercise successfully is overcompensating. I read an interesting article in RunnersWorld that exercise suppresses the appetite control hormone, meaning even if we don't intend to, we are likely to eat more.

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