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Exercise Help!!!!

Hi Ladies
I need some help. I have been following weightwatchers eating plan for nearly 3 months now and have lost 10.5kgs (about 1 stone 9 lbs?) Anyway I need to get some exercise into my regime but I have so many things stopping me and I never seem to get around to it. I love walking but I am up at 5 in the morning just to get ready and travel to work to get there for 7.30 so unless I get up at 4 :eek: I really don't get much chance to do anything in the morning. I get home from work at about 5.00. My husband often works late or has meetings that run late so getting a routine going has been difficult as I can't guarantee he will be in to look after our daughter and it's winter here at the moment and although not freezing cold it is dark at 6ish and I don't feel safe walking in the streets after dark. My daughter is too young to walk with me and thinks she is too old to sit in a pushchair and let me push her (she's a very grown up 3 1/2) I have been walking at weekends but really need to get moving in the week. I don't want to wait until our summer begins to start exercising.
I was considering buying a cross trainer (elliptical trainer?) I have been offered a second hand one very cheaply, and then I can at least do some exercise at home while I am waiting for the evening meal to cook or after my daughter goes to bed. I wondered does anyone else have one and are they worth it or do you have any good ideas for exercise at home as (although I would love to join one) going to the gym is not an option (way too expensive here and the cheaper one near to me only opens at 6.00am and doesn't have a creche) I want to start something I can stick to without a million reasons getting in the way and making it easy for me to not do it . Any advice would be most welcome. Even if it's to tell me to stop making excuses and get off my arse
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
A fitness DVD is always good to have. Something you can do at home :)

I would make the effort where you can for now and if you fancy the cross trainer go for it! I love them but also playing with your daughter will help. anything as long as its really active and it wont hurt her either :D
If it's cheap, I would go for the cross trainer if I were you :) that way if it's there, you will use it. Of course you will still need to be motivated because there will always be things getting in your way but at least if it's there it's that bit easier to use!
My cross trainer was pink and well used ... for ten days, then sporadically for a year, then a place my chidren hung bags and coats and finally my £275 quid machine came to rest at a local charity shop where a few weeks later they wrote to say my kind donation had earned ...£20 for their charity!!!!!!!I certainly lost pounds on that piece of equipment!!! (sigh) wish I had it now ha ha Maria x
lol @ irish eyes... yes i know that feeling.. my treadmill was £400 a fancy roger black gold one :whacky068:.. i used it like mad last year to shift 21.5lbs and it then became a very expensive clothes horse.. but glad i still have it as hes out working again building me up into a good sweat.. i do enjoy giving him a good pounding ;):p
so moral of the story is get it... but its only good if you use it..i use mine when my daughter goes to bed and grab a quick mile in the morning on it.. and maybe the odd half mile here and there though out he day.. good luck
Thanks guys
I think I will get the cross trainer, now I just need to convince hubby that it's a good investment :D:D. Anyway, he has just been diagnosed with high blood pressure at his company's medical check-up so maybe a bit of exercise will do him some good too.
i know its expensive but wii fit is excellent for exercise as well as fun family time for all ages!! if u can invest in one of those i think ul not regret it and ul use it....and your hsband will be exercising with out even knowing it!!!! u may be able to hire one or even borrow one from a friend so u can try it out first??? i know tho that they are a small fortune but money well spent if u can. good luck in your weight loss journey and i hope your husbands blood pressure improves xx
I think I might suggest the Wii fit to my hubby. I think he would actually consider that but the cost may put him off for the moment. The cross trainer would be about 1/3 of the price but I may have a better time convincing him to buy the Wii as he gets to play games too. I know a gym contract may seem cheaper but they lock you into stupid contracts and if you want out you have to find someone to "sell" your contract to, which is practically impossible. My boss hasn't gone to the gym for over a year due to work constraints but couldn't cancel it as he is tied into a 3 year contract. I just worked out that in that year he has spent more than a Wii would cost, for nothing.
Remember our bodies get used to the same exercise so we have to change it every few months or add to it. I love my 2nd hand treadmill it was £500 new I got it for £100.
How about swimming? Sorry missed how old your daughter was?
I made a million exercise excuses but now do 3-4 classes a week.
Well I suggested the Wii to my hubby and when I got home guess what was sitting in our lounge. Wow he works fast when he wants to. Didn't ask about where the money came from (I don't want to know he he) I am not going to just use that though as nothing beats real exercise but it means I can do something now when I can't get out of the house. I have also convinced a couple of my workmates to walk with me during lunchbreaks at work so that's got me all motivated again. I have brought my trainers with me to work today and am raring to go.
aw that is wonderful news!!!! what a lovely hubby too!! :) ul not regret it, its addictive!!! ul feel how hard uv worked the next day and ud have not even realised how hard u were working, its a fab invention!!! and u and hubby will get really competitive lol its great fun....i look forward to seeing your updates and how u get on with it.....have fun!! xxx

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