Exercise - is it safe?


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Can exercise stunt one's losses?

I like going to the gym. Howevr I'm concerned that it may stunt my progress with CD.

I have 9 stones (or there abouts) to lose and I want to shape up as I slim down, so that I don't suffer with loads of baggy skin (I cant afford an operation).

Any thoughts on this?

Just take it easier than u usually might would be my advice...

Not sure how far into this you are... but with SSing you need to allow your body to adjust to the lower calorie intake for the first few weeks..

Then Light exercise is recommended! Walking and swimming are great... just nothing too strenuous!

I too worry about saggy skin... so have decided to do some ab workouts daily... but really don't go too hard at it!

Make sure u stay in ur fat burning zone as opposed to muscle building zone for most exercises! and remember muscle ways more than fat... so tht is why people say it slows down their weight loss! but it will also help keep u toned!

I also think if you enjoy going to the gym then definitely don't give it up... as mentally you will feel like you have given something else up for the benefit of the diet.

Hope it helps
Have a chat with your CDC. We have a great new fitness DVD aimed at people of all fitness levels, weights and on CD programmes.

The official launch date is 1st November.

The exercises are effective and simple and one targets the 'bingo wings' problem.

Its actually 2 DVD's one is water aerobics.

The advice from Cambridge is that all exercise while on a VLCD should be conversational exercise, so you should be able to talk normally while you are doing it and not be out of breath in anyway.

Thanks guys. I'll take it easy then. My usual routine is:

I tend to go to the gym in the morning before work.

I do spin, body combat and body pump classes 3-4 times per week. Sometimes I do all three classes one after the other.

I like going to the gym as it helps my mood and gives me energy. I've been in ketosis for about 1 week and I am so very lethargic.

I have a gym membership which I'd like to utilise, so I am disinclined to purchase the Cambridge DVD - sorry.

If you do that sort of activity you should be on a higher step (sorry!). If you really want to SS, then sadly you will have to knock Body Combat on the head for the time being, and take spinning fairly easy (it's difficult to do that, but it's easier to take it easy during Spin than Combat). Don't even think about doing two or more classes back to back while you're on SS. If you absolutely must do Combat (and I know the feeling because I did way too much exercise when I did SS) make sure you take ALL the low options: step kick instead of jump kick, squat instead of tuck jump, double side step instead of shuffle. The current release is pretty much impossible to do low impact but you can certainly bring it down a notch.

Exercise won't hinder your loss, but you'll lose muscle mass if you overdo the high intensity cardio while on a VLCD, and that'll make it harder to keep the weight off afterwards (and surely losing muscle is the opposite of what you want to do if you're going to the gym).
Kate you are a star.

I'll limit myself to 2-3 gym classes per week and nothing more until I reach about 14 stones.
Good on ya. I hate advising people to cut down on exercise because I spend most of my time trying to get them to exercise *more* :rolleyes:

It's great that you love exercise though, because even if you cut back a bit now, it's easy to build it back up again if it's something you enjoy, and that'll stand you in good stead for a healthy future :D

Yeah so true. I love the buzz exercise gives me, but I completely take on board what you say. I don't want to jeapordise my success on this Crazy Diet.