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Exercise on SS.. Can we/can't we?

Hi again,

Before I started CD I exercised more than an hour day combing 1hr treadmill with various exercises on my weights machine.

Weights are a def no no.

The first week I did 15 mins in the morning & 15 min in the evening till I got used to the change.

Now Im back to 1hr/day

My CDC said we shouldnt do strenuous exercise, but walking & swimming are fine - as long as we feel ok its allowed


Feeling Motivated
I do 3 hours a week cardio plus Yoga & Pilates, had to start slowly & build up to this but after a while you will be fine.
The key thing is how much exercise you're used to, you should generally do less than you would normally, especially when you first start SS.
You can then gradually increase it as you adjust to it all.
Dammit, I was using my weak, muscle deteriated, calorie deficient body as an excuse NOT to diet!
*goes and gets running shoes*


Feeling Motivated
Ha ha ha Jessica, the key is to start slow & work your way up, a full on workout straight away on SS is a bad idea :)

Jogging or running is good, although on the days when my body refuses to run I go on cross trainer or swimming
Swimming is such a good idea for a gentle start and you can do it with your children too, then everyone has fun!

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