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I am not a natural exercise bunny, but I do try! I started a new regime in the new year but I'm just lazy and it's hard work! :eek:

So I thought I'd ask...do you love it or is it something you just do because you know it's good for your health and helps your weight loss?

What do you do?

Do you see noticeable differences in your losses on your more active weeks?

Any cheeky tips?

Here's what I do...(not a lot)

  • Lunchtime walk at work (minimum 30 mins) at least 3 times a week.
  • Running training (currently on week 1, which is run 1 min/walk 1 min x 10, but I can't manage that yet!So I do about 6 then walk the rest, but try to run at the end!!) Started that on Friday and have done it 3 times so far.
  • Occasional swim and badminton sessions
Will tell you if it makes a weight difference on Saturday. But I know it will make me more toned up and fitter and that's a very good thing!!


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I used to wonder why people would want to excercise as i couldn't ever see myself doing it. But since i started last March i know why, you do feel better not only in your body but in yourself too, i only do it 3 times a week but even that has toned my body up and beleive me it needed it. I always listen to music or a talking book which does help. Last time it did SW (15 years ago) i got to my target of 9 stones 7lb (which i weigh now) i didn't excercise at all and i am actually a dress size smaller now than i was at target last time so it does work. xxx